A way\hack to add Customer Names to Exported invoices ?

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Been getting into the habit if exporting invoices but without the online system I have to double click on each invoice to find the associated Customer.

Have logged a feature request ” Custom PDF File Names or with Appended Statuses ” which seems to have been fallen to the wayside 🙁

but could you not assist with a quick fix in the mean time to append Customer name to each Invoice ?

Like by adding a invoice_file_suffix and allowing use of {tag variable}so then :

invoice_file_suffix = _{CUSTOMER_NAME}
invoice_file_PREFIX = Invoice_

Would yield :Invoice_77_John”

Then the thinking forward, adding more the suffix String : _{CUSTOMER_NAME}_{SEND_DATE}
as something for the future ?

It a big think to do ?

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mrsteevjA way\hack to add Customer Names to Exported invoices ?