A way to delete multiple spam tickets

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Currently it takes 3 mouse clicks to delete one spam ticket, which is ok, but I get a fair number each day, it’ll add up over a year.

How about a way to select 8 or 9 tickets at once, and bulk delete?   You can tell what’s spam just by the subject line.



I’m gonna +1 this as well…  I’m just starting to use the Ticket System but I see SPAM being a future problem.  What is the best way to keep the SPAM out?

There are 2 ways as I see:

1. Make form available for logged in users, as I plan on doing with wordpress membershop site.

2. Use captcha feature to weed out spam, its included just needs to be activated.


v1ktor, I’ll use those techniques…  We should exchange skype ids!  Mine is Patchworks69.

We had a team of 10 developers working on a project like UCM and I just found it 2 days ago. I stopped the entire team and we are replacing a big portion with UCM.  We place to write quite a few CUSTOM PLUGINS to meet our industry specific needs for “Lead Generation”.

It would be good to have a network of other people working with the same product.


captcha integration would help stop the spam considerably

So theres no way to control spam? im getting tons of spam tickets every week, and the fact that you cant bulk delete this tickets its making me go nuts! :s

To enable captcha please go to Settings > Advanced and change “ticket_recaptcha” from 0 to 1

To stop NEW tickets coming from email, go to Settings > Advanced and change “ticket_allow_new_from_email” from 1 to 0

More details about this added to the documentation: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/documentation-wiki/support-tickets/

I’ll try to do some sort of “bulk” ticket feature today.

The latest update includes bulk operations for tickets. Here is the blog post:



This feature seems broken in the adminLTE theme:

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hraypierA way to delete multiple spam tickets