A general "Passwords" or "Info" area

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There’s been a few requests for a general Passwords area that will allow you to store Passwords or other Information without linking it to a particular customer/website/job/etc…

Please post here if you are interested in this feature and we’ll write back when it is completed.

it will be a great +1

some time my client forgetting their password or simply they dont store it, If i have a option to send my login link, particular customers email ID and Password to the e-mail ID related to that particular user, that will be great. 🙂


Yes please, Currently use a spreadsheet so would be great to have access wherever I am.

This would be very helpful!

Working on this feature right now.

And when you guys see it, it will blow your mind! 🙂

Just wondering how this was coming along? I’m very excited to see what you’re implementing 🙂

This would be wonderful! I mentioned this in my Feature Request “Note Section”, though my idea is a little more elaborate so that you can add notes and subnotes – so you can maybe eep notes of employee performance/etc.

Would love to be able to add attachments to those notes in case it is a file you don’t want to lose.

The notes can also be used to save code snippets/etc.

It should have a search box to it and a way to categorize/organize them.

This new feature is almost ready (well, the first version of it). I’ll be sending out a newsletter shortly. Be sure to sign up: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/newsletters/


Enjoy version 1 of this new feature. Let me know if there are any major issues.

Hello dtbaker, thanks for this great feature(i was that suggest you this feature 🙂 ). i think there is one thing missing. and its very important! we need to be able to set for some field password protect. for example some account password for hosting etc…or to be able set read permission only for some users (admin, stuff etc…)


Encrypted fields are now available in the latest update. These work the same as encrypted fields in other parts of the system.

Thanks dtbaker,
i have more suggestions for this great model.
1. one of the most useful fileds will be: On select, another select option would appear, etc…
When user select one opsion from the list, then another select should appear, as they first choose the main category, and then the sub category
So if the user pick opsion c, then the code gets the value 3, and show new select list with all sub categories for parent category 3.

2. Multi select
3. email filed (allow only valid email)
4. numbers filed (allow only numbers)
5. date filed (and date range)
6. currency filed (will allow you to select some currency from all the currencies you have add to UCM)
7. Url Filed

one more important thing is to allow quick search by filters.
for example if i created “select opsions filed” and named it “type” so i want in Seconds to see only some type and not to see all the list.

and import and export will be also very useful


more improvements:
1. when some user creat new record, we need to have field “created by user:” now at UCM, you need to write it manually and this not useful! the field need to be read only!

2. the same with date. when some user created new record the date need to be: now + time. and the field need to be read only!

3. fields properties. for example, for text and textarea field you can manage the limit of max characters you can put. and etc…
**** the most important thing will be to allow to set every field to be read only. this will be great when you want to allow the user to make some changes in some fields but not in all. ****

4. Lookup Field! – will allow you to make connection to some entity that you want.
for example/ if you want to connect this type of entity to some user, then you will select in lookup “users” then you will get from db all the user that you have in UCM. the same with others entities, jobs,leads,websites and etc…

5. choose icons, now when you create new entity and set it in the menu, there is no icon as the other menu items have, and this looks terrible especially when you have couples of custom entities.
you can use fontawesome icons or some others…

Agree with some point of Igornn

1. Main category and sub selected category is a must have 🙂

Example if selected main category is ‘food’ for example then the sub category list is ‘pizza, pasta, soup, whatever’ etc..

2. ‘created by’ should by default the logged in user. And this should not be editable .

Need to say again, this is great work guys, i’m always surprised by the work you acomplished.

Just a reminder, but if ucm goes social with a facebook integration, well, i’ll run out naked in streets of Paris with UCM rocks written on my butt! 😀

Will buy another licence to support you on codecanyon and will rate it 5 stars

Hello dtbaker,
i have write couple month ago when this plugin has realized some necessary improvements.
if this somthing you plan to do?


I’m working on these read only fields right now:

Created By
Created Date
Created Time
Created Date+Time
Created IP Address
Updated By
Updated Date
Updated Time
Updated Date+Time
Updated IP Address

should be done soon

Hi dtbaker,
Great to hear that at last this plugin get updates. its one of the important plugins in UCM that gives for every business to create data as the wish.

do you plan also add “sub category” and “Lookup Field” this something that UCM needed!

Thanks dtbaker.

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