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Hi kenjidd

Please upgrade to the latest version. There is a new “Defaults” feature available within User Roles.

After upgrading please go to the correct “Staff” User Role and look at the URL, it will be something like this:


add &export_json to the end like this:


then scroll down to the very very bottom and look for the long string that looks like this:

{“Change Request|change_request|Change Requests|Permissions”:[“view”],”Customer|customer|Customers|Permissions”:[“view”],”Customer|user|Contacts|Permissions”:[“view”,”edit”],”Invoice|invoice|Invoices|Permissions”:[“view”],”Job|job|Jobs|Permissions”:[“view”],”Job|job|Job Tasks|Permissions”:[“view”],”Ticket|ticket|Tickets|Permissions”:[“view”,”create”],”Website|website|Websites|Permissions”:[“view”],”Customer Data Access|config|Only customer I am assigned to as a contact|drop_down”:[“view”],”Job Data Access|config|Jobs from customers I have access to|drop_down”:[“view”],”Job Task Creation|config|Created tasks require admin approval|drop_down”:[“view”],”Ticket Access|config|Only tickets from my customer account|drop_down”:[“view”],”User Specific|config|Can User Login|checkbox”:[“view”]}

Please copy this long string and paste it here for me. I can load this string in as a default for “Staff” and you can apply it to your other installations.


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