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Thanks for the feedforward.

Just tried it out. Yes, but the button is Task is taxable so the word Task, rather than Product/ Service etc – means I am overlooking the in-obvious.

Further EU/UK need, would be the ability to SHOW the ZERO-rated Goods as being £0, for instance. a Promo LEAFLET is ZERO -rated, whereas the DESIGN of the leaflet is Standard-rated VAT, so to show this on an invoice you need to separate these ::

Item…..| Goods | Rate | VAT | Total |
Design…| £100 | 20% | £20 | £120 |
Leaflets.| £100 | Zero | 0 | £100 |

………| £200 |……| £20 | £220 |

In a lot of cases, design business’s will disregard the ZERO rated VAT, as business’s can reclaim this TAX, but a lot of small businesses are not registered for VAT, so it can make a BIG difference to them.

Hope this explains the need for this.

THXS in advance

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