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From the day we found UCM, we knew it had potential but the bottomline is UCM is not a complete system that can be drop 100% turnkey into the majority of company’s operations without modifications!

We have hired so many developer and they simply give up on using the UCM FRAMEWORK because it is to difficult to understand and we have seen several other forum users mention the same difficulty with developers. With only a small amount of documentation the developers end up telling us they can’t work with UCM and simply fade away.

I’ve tried several solution from Paid Support tickets, making donation of up to $100 to include modification; and tried to help with development by joining your SVN to submit changes; but it has been a CONSTANT STRUGGLE that has taken us upwards of a year to complete a VERY SMALL amount of progress.

I find that I have to post issue here in the general section because the “Custom Development” area has become a “Red Headed Step Child” area that tends to get overlooked.

Moving forward we need to know how to get better documentation or understanding of the security system to move forward!

Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated as I can no longer put it off.

Thank you and I hope we can get past this issue so we can continue to use UCM as our CORE package and continue to recommend it to the other members of our community!

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