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The total will never be updated to reflect the logged hours. The total is fixed as a type of “quoted” amount that does not change. The logging of hours is for internal use. At the bottom of the job page it will show if work has been underquoted or overquoted by listing how many hours over were worked on the job.

If the task time (and price)  needs to be adjusted based on the recorded value from the timer then this needs to be done manually.

The workflow for a timer is:

  1. create a job with tasks
  2. send job as a quote to the customer for the customer to approve the final price
  3. send a deposit invoice to start the job
  4. start logging hours against a task in the job
  5. repeat for all tasks in the job until all tasks are completed
  6. generate an send final invoice for job to customer
  7. look back at the job to see if you worked over or under the quoted hours, so you can adjust quotes in the future if work took longer than expected
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