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Great looking theme, thank you!

The main issues I’ve noticed are:

1) The date popup script no longer functions. If I switch back to any of the default themes, then when I click a date field — in the finance section, invoices, setting up jobs, etc — I get the mini calendar popup to select the date. When I switch to Metis, that mini calendar popup doesn’t appear, and I have to type the date manually.

2) Similarly, some settings that initiate popup/modal scripts (such as under Settings -> Invoices -> Templates, and clicking a link to try to edit a template) do not function. The popup never appears in Metis.

3) Advanced settings are not editable. When you click the value (text input field) nothing happens. If I switch to a different theme they are editable when clicked.

I’ve tried these in IE11, FF25, and Chrome. Other than these everything looks great. Hope this helps!

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