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Good news about the full export option. It would be really good if you could include this in an update for the time being.

Things that could be quite easily improved would be to have a config option for the number of weeks to include prior to todays date. I have put a nominal date in, but that should really be set to be something sensible like -1 weeks to reduce the ics file size in the long run.
'date_start_after' => date('Y/m/d', strtotime("-1 week")),

In the job.php file, the job id should bring in the domain name, at the moment it is hard coded.
'uid' => md5($job['job_id']) . '@' . $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"],

Also people should set their webservers to gzip the mime type ‘text/calendar’ as this will reduce data transfer if people are using this with a mobile connection.

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