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Just a little bug that i can report after applying deposits to the invoice :

05/01/2015 Acompte pour la facture 150218D 500.00€
11/12/2014 Acompte pour la facture 150218C 400.00€
14/11/2014 Acompte pour la facture 150218B 1,400.00€
27/10/2014 Acompte pour la facture 150218A 675.00€
04/08/2014 Acompte pour la facture 150218 700.00€
02/02/2015 PayPal 1,575.00€

Instead of showing the the bank transfert method, its shows something like the name of the deposit. In the PDF generated invoice, it won’t show “Acompte pour la facture 150218D” but “Banque” instead, which is in fact not really correct ^^ But well, it’s a minor bug 🙂

tlartaudReply To: Financials Section totally buggy