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Ok so a quick update for those who might run into the same issue. I managed to fix everything back to normal thanks to Savio’s contribution (THANKS ALOT MAN!) i’d recommend him and his service to prevent these types of headaches in the future! But all I did was make a current backup of the CRM as it stands now, then using my previous backup with my missing sections I deleted my SQL database, readded the SQL database and imported the backup SQL file all through phpmyadmin. After logging in to check if I needed to also restore files I was able to login no issue and hooray my deleted Section was back but now all the files were deleted and I was getting a SQL error but was still able to navigate and use the CRM. So i uploaded my old file backup using Filezilla and replaced all files currently their. After doing that everything was back to normal all files and section restored! So if you have the same issue just do that and it will work out=] thanks again Savio!

hhhernanReply To: Accidently Deleted Custom Data Section/ I Have a BACKUP What next?