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Just thought I would add a couple of pics of how a “Pay by Check” option that would have a few other features than default payment methods might work out/look.

Step 1:
When “Check” is selected as a payment method in the backend admin view two optional fields would appear: “Check Number” and “Add Check Image”:
Check Option

Step 2:
After writing in the check number, they can upload an image of the check and a preview of that check would show in a pop-up. This would give two basic options: “Crop” and “Add Security Box”.
“Crop” is self-explanatory.
Preview Box

“Add Security Box” allows you to draw black boxes on portions of the check (multiple boxes can be drawn). That way you can cover up the account number, block a portion of the signature/etc. for extra security (boxes in this window could also be selected and deleted).
Preview Security Box

Once you save it, the image with any security boxes would be flattened and saved, and that information would also be available to view in the Receipt, and the client (and staff) can go back to it for record keeping.

This would be my hope, though Adding a Check Number directly through the payment would be a great help to.

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