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I made a backup copy of the old folder and did what you suggested. Here is what I found:

The following file has been DELETED from the DOWNLOADED (NEW) version:

The following file(s) have been CHANGED:
/js/jquerymobile/jquery.mobile-1.0b3.js (Added extra functions on the end of file)
added the if(class_exists(‘module_extra’,false)) statement from lines 2396~2402

I’d like to make this record of change.

Now my greatest criticism is that I have spent about 5 hours debugging issues such as these in order to help the developer debug a problem that really shouldn’t have happened. The reason why I believe this HAS happened is because of the lack of developing manpower, and also, the eagerness to send new updates to clients without fully testing all systems. My best suggestion before releasing these updates are to take some time to go through every release that the files have been changed. But I know that this would be much easier to do with good developers willing to use these systems and looking into the codes to help debug the releases.

I am willing to help as I have invested my time and business into this project, and thus am left with this option as my best viable option for myself as well. I do, however, must state that the time I have spent with this project, would have paid for the full version several times over if charged.

What I request, is to receive compensation in form of the paid version of UCM. I believe I have earned this and I also believe anyone who has helped developed or help debug UCM to the degree of accuracy that I have is also worthy of such compensation. This request is a form of motivation to both the developer and the clients, because as a developer AND client myself, REQUIRE a working system for my company. But every time I try to use it, it doesn’t work when I need it. I therefore have to take time off of my busy schedule in order to help the developer of UCM to expedite a stable release. I believe this would be a “kill two birds with one stone” deal: help keep UCM developer clients, and create developing manpower for UCM. I highly suggest you think about my offer as it would help us both (and all other developers who show dedication to the project). The developer of UCM, in turn, would have nothing to lose.

However, if this post is answered with a reply of denial of my request, and these problems continue to arise, I will be left with no option than to remove UCM from my system and head to what I believe to be an inferior design, but stable solution. A option I must say is something I’d rather not do.

Thank you for your time, and I await your response.

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