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Activweb, I feel I am close but can’t quite get there. here is what I have done but can’t get the group to show in “Newsletter” view:

1. Go to any customer record and create a new group (without ticking it for that customer). Say 140520NewsLetter
2. Save & Close
3. Hot the “Customer” tab and select the group you want to send mail to.
4. When the results are presented, on the second or third line from the top, you will see:
Showing records 1 to 1170 of 1178 (group) (export) Per Page:
5. Click on “Group” in brackets and you will get a drop down with all your groups.
6. Tick the box next to 140520NewsLetter and then click on “Add Group” button at the end of that list.

In the absence of any useful help, I guess our only option is to export to CSV in “Customer” view and then go to “Newsletter” view and import from the CSv?

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