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Thanks for getting back to me….I was looking to try and create this with Custom Data – but then it wouldn’t really link with the invoicing. The other thing I thought About was just making it a product with a reoccurring fee, but then it wouldn’t seem to be organized in a separate listing. A couple features on the above one that I thought made it nice – it would be a separate module so clients or admin can see all the domains together, it listed the FTP and MySQL information for given domains, and it has a Domain Checker with the ability for clients to request a domain from you (not quite sure how that would work in terms of purchasing the domain – my guess is that it would be just a checker and the admin would have to set the prices for the different suffixes.

This isn’t a super pressing feature request, but something I thought might make a great stand alone module – especially since most users are working in the web world.

Thanks for the consideration!

savioReply To: Domain Manager