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Hi, the first release is coming out in the next days. We are waiting for the Codecanyon… 🙂


With the help of Advanced Todo plugin you can see clear easy and fast your next todo. With drag&drop mode you can set easy the priority order, the inline edit mode give an option for change the wanted todo without loading a new page. It’s very easy: just double click on a todo to edit it and hit enter to save the changes. For shift a todo in finished status enough to click on the green tick icon on the line of todos. (Undo: click on the grey tick).

  • drag&drop sort
  • inline todo editor
  • dashboard widget for the own todos (WhiteLabel theme only)
  • todos filtering by users
  • own or other users todos handling by users authorities (view, create, edit, delete)

Planed features:

  • todos coloring (coming in the next release…)
  • icons assign on several todos
  • longer description affixing with todos
  • time-limit assign on todos
  • alarms/reminds set up on todos (popup, email, dashboard)
  • daily todos sending in email in every morning
  • the full value mobile view
  • Google Todo synchronization
  • Any.do synchronization
  • todos printing
  • todos assign to customer, contact, job, or invoice
  • advanced filter
  • built in the system’s inner searcher
  • bulk delete
  • automatically upgrade function
  • and much more useful trifles…

Regards, webNpro

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