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more improvements:
1. when some user creat new record, we need to have field “created by user:” now at UCM, you need to write it manually and this not useful! the field need to be read only!

2. the same with date. when some user created new record the date need to be: now + time. and the field need to be read only!

3. fields properties. for example, for text and textarea field you can manage the limit of max characters you can put. and etc…
**** the most important thing will be to allow to set every field to be read only. this will be great when you want to allow the user to make some changes in some fields but not in all. ****

4. Lookup Field! – will allow you to make connection to some entity that you want.
for example/ if you want to connect this type of entity to some user, then you will select in lookup “users” then you will get from db all the user that you have in UCM. the same with others entities, jobs,leads,websites and etc…

5. choose icons, now when you create new entity and set it in the menu, there is no icon as the other menu items have, and this looks terrible especially when you have couples of custom entities.
you can use fontawesome icons or some others…

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