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The support for this seems to be fairly bad as well – i see a bunch of unanswered forum posts. Pity, it looks like it has a lot of good functionality I’d like to use. Looking at the underlying code, however, there are some concerns.

To answer your question: Currently it will not work with PHP 7 the way it is written. He has hard coded mysql_* functions throughout all of the modules and would need to change those to use a database abstraction layer or to recode it to use the mysqli_* functions at least. The mysql_* functions have been deprecated for years now. The codebase is written procedurally and is not object oriented so any changes like that will have to be done manually to each file.

Without a rewrite of some of the key portions of this code, it won’t work with mysqli and therefore won’t work with PHP 7. I updated the database.php myself to use the mysqli_* functions manually before realizing that there were hardcoded mysql calls everywhere. So my suggestion would be to look at other software than this. That’s what I am going to have to do (and yes I paid for it as well).

zeviousReply To: cannot install on VPS with php 7.0.7