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Well it would be pretty good, and I thought it was going to be perfect, but then I realized that there is no way to create a new “customer” entry when a new helpdesk ticket comes in. So it’s still not perfect. I’m still hoping that I can get UCM to work like I need it to. I am so close. If I could just get the timer functionality to work better, I would be happy with it.

I have noticed that when you create a new task within a job, that IF you then hit “Edit” for than particular task and expand that task so that the additional info box and the timer info stuff is showing, BEFORE you start the timer, that it will then work fairly normally. It doesn’t lose the logged time anyway. But you still have to manually enter the time that it logs for you. I’m going to keep working with it for now.

rm125tReply To: Job and Task Timer