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Sounds great caseyoli!

devsmi, I’m using a combination of three different commercial cloud based apps –
1. Groove HQ, an email based helpdesk software that works completely through email.
2. Harvest APP, which allows me to track individual task times and then apply them to an invoice. I also use this program to do all my billing, invoicing, etc.
3. Breeze.pm project management script, which is kind of a mashup between Trello and Basecamp. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t try to add too much. Makes it very easy for me to create new projects, then create an assign tasks to each project.

The best part is, when a new support ticket comes in through Groove, I can turn that into a “task” in Breeze, and then track the time I spend on it. Then once the task is completed, I can send that time from Breeze to my Harvest account, so I can invoice them for the time. The three are tied together through a Chrome extenion and with native support for Harvest in Breeze.

I’m just getting started with this, but so far it’s exactly what I was needing and had been trying to get UCM to do. I really wish I could still use UCM, so looking forward to caseyoli’s timer solution.

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