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Thanks for the reply Savio. I was messing around with this today and came up with a couple ideas to add to this workaround. Please forgive me if they are not totally thought through yet…

1. I went in to quotes plugin and renamed “Quote” to Quote/Estimate/Purchase Order. See image. Made it look like you can do quotes or POs there. Problem is that updates to quotes plugin will wipe out the modification I think.

2. I modified the quote_pdf template to adjust to what I am doing, quote or PO for example. I used the {TYPE} AND {QUOTE_GROUP} tags where needed and came up with the PDF shot you see in image below. Both do the job of making the PDF either a quote or PO.

At least with these and other mods, we could actually have a decent workflow for POs, especially since we could convert the QuotePO into a job and invoice easily.

asavingsReply To: Complete vendor section with invoice and payment status