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Yes, struggling since day to get any possible/impossible scenario of Vendor Management to work. So badly needed.
So far I tried:
1) Use jobs module to create purchase order module. No joy, won’t work.
2) Use quote module to create purchase order module (since it has all functions what PO would need (job tasks, price calculation, tax, linking to vendor/customer, emailing and pdf). Didn’t work. 🙁
3) Use customers module to replicate and tweak to make a decent vendor module. Didn’t work either.
4) My last attempt was to create via Custom Data. Easy to create what I want but totally unusable for reasons – a)customers hook is there and works but I don’t need it; b)jobs list hook is available but for some reason doesn’t work (jobs list visible as drop-down but not showing up on listing after job is saved); c)vendors hook isn’t there and not available and I don’t know how to create one/ is it even possible to create. On top of that, none of the hooks feed anything back to other modules (i.e. using customer hook does not feed data back to Customers profile); d)managed to build nice PO PDF template + email only to find out that email does not attach PDF (like for Quotes or Invoices), so again pretty useless.

I don’t know really what else to try, how to make it work. For some reason Developers seem to choose to ignore all requests related to Purchase Order/Vendor management either. Is there a business that doesn’t require Vendor/Purchase order management?

pcardinReply To: Complete vendor section with invoice and payment status