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I’m curious if you could elaborate on your temporary fix idea? I get that we could create the vendor customer type but how would you think about using invoices, etc in a vendor situation? I’m in brainstorming mode these days, trying to figure out how to do a bit more vendor and inventory management than is currently capable in UCM.

I’ve often wondered if the customers module could be replicated into a vendor module and then tweaked a little bit because vendor management has a lot of parallels to customer management. I know it’s not that simple but hopefully you get my drift.

I think @pcardin is attempting to create a purchase order plugin using the quotes plugin as a template. Even just successfully doing that and connecting it to the “vendor” customer type or vendors module would be a good start. Or using custom data might work… I thought I read that someone tried, I just haven’t tried myself yet.

If anyone has any thoughts, please pass them along! Thanks

asavingsReply To: Complete vendor section with invoice and payment status