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There are a variety of user roles, each has their own permissions. When you create a user, you assign to them what role you want to give them (admin, client, etc.)

Under settings/user roles select which user role you want to edit and adjust the settings accordingly.

The view edit delete and create would apply for whatever that category is. So for instance, jobs I have my client toke the ability to “view”, but only admins or staff can edit, create, or delete them.

Still in the user role settings, on the right side you will see various drop downs to determine the type of access for that role.

For instance, for a client role, you would only want to give access for jobs to “only jobs they are assigned to”. This prevents them from seeing jobs of other people. This is how their dashboard would be personalized to what they have access to.

I highly recommend keeping and playing with the test account – I have a few test accounts – one for each user role. Play with the user permissions until you have them exactly the way you want. Then you can give your clients their own access without worry.

Hope this helps!

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