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Not sure if your updates would also allow for also generating partial payments that are not part of a future payment plan?

I know a lot of times I and others might break up payments as follows:

1/3 deposit (UCM does this)

1/3 after final design approval (right now UCM doesn’t allow us to create this partial payment, and since there isn’t a specified known date of this due date, it wouldn’t fit with a future payment plan).

Last 1/3 once project is complete (this is possible in UCM already).

Basically this “partial invoice” would act almost like the deposit invoice where we can create an invoice for a specified amount that would go against the final balance (though we should be able to create as many partial invoices as we want, whereas we can only create one deposit invoice [which makes sense]). This would be different than the future payments, but would also be incredibly helpful in the rewrite of the invoicing system!

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