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I’ve followed documentation here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/faq-knowledge-base/faq-item/52/add-custom-link-to-menu-or-a-new-page/

I do not need sub menu so I removed everything from the elseif statement

I cannot add more than one menu link though, anytime I try it breaks the site. I’d like to add about 5 or more custom menu links, I dont even need custom pages, really I just need them to link to an external site.

class module_custom_link extends module_base{
public function init(){ }
public function get_menu($holding_module=false,$holding_page=false,$type=false){
// rendering the main menu:
‘name’=>’Main Menu Link’,
}else if($holding_module == ‘customer’){

return $links;


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