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I’m sorry. I actually answered you twice, but through email, and apparently you didn’t get them.

I said that I would be around all day on Tuesday. But on Monday my computer went crazy with “This program is blocked by group policy” virus. I didn’t finish figuring it out until Tuesday night. I was limited in everything I could do because things would not work, or would work, and then would not work, it was maddening.

I appreciate your offer so much. Now, after the attack, I feel like I left you hanging and that should not have happened to someone offering their help. So I want to say thanks again, I appreciate it. I am going to grab someone on Freelancer for a small amount so that I don’t have to worry about it again or worry about coordinating.

savio, thank you so much,

savio, would you let me know that you saw this? Thanks.

Also, I almost forgot – You said in an email to go through your site- I told you in an email that didn’t make it to you – I could not get past the captcha. I am 99.99% sure I got it right, but it would not advance.

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