New CRM Feature Release

Sending a Quote from a Support Ticket

We’ve made a step in the direction of billing from a Support Ticket. This new feature allows you to create a “Quote” from a “Support Ticket”, and send that quote to the user. (the Quote can then be converted into a Job and finally an Invoice) More details in the Quote Documentation

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dtbakerSending a Quote from a Support Ticket

Drag and Drop file upload

We’ve added support for Drag & Drop file upload (in compatible browsers). Simply go to the normal File > Add page and drag your files (or a folder) across, it will turn green like this:   (hint: make sure file_upload_old is 0 in advanced settings)

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dtbakerDrag and Drop file upload

Multiple file uploads & bulk file delete

We’ve added support for multiple file uploads. Simply select multiple files like this:       Click “Save File” and it will upload them all at once, like this:     There is also a new bulk delete option:   Enjoy!     (hunt: make sure file_upload_old is set to 0 in advanced settings)

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dtbakerMultiple file uploads & bulk file delete

Template tag arithmetic improvements

Template tags now support + – and * arithmetic, here is an example that is used in the “external_invoice” template: Total: {TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE} <br> +10: {TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE+10} <br> 10%: {TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE*0.10} <br> 50%: {TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE*0.50} <br> -50: {TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE-50} <br> This produces the following output: Total: $100.00 EUR +10: $110 EUR 10%: $10 EUR 50%: $50 EUR -50: $50 EUR

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dtbakerTemplate tag arithmetic improvements

New Feature Request Area

We have tweaked the feature request area a little bit, check it out here: This page will show a nice summary of UCM feature requests: all the popular feature requests new feature requests recently completed features There is also a new “fund” button to go along with the existing “vote” button. If you would

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dtbakerNew Feature Request Area

Custom email/PDF templates per Subscription

You can now pick a custom Email and PDF template for your automatic subscriptions. Previously subscription invoices would default to using invoice_email_due and invoice_print templates. You can now choose a different one for each subscription. The easiest way to create a new template is to open Settings > Templates > invoice_email_due and change the template key from invoice_email_due to

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dtbakerCustom email/PDF templates per Subscription

New Language/Translation Bug Fixes

The latest update contains a bug fix and speed improvement for the Language/Translation system. There’s a new “Check Errors” button when you open up an individual language from Settings > Language: Click this and it will display any words that should not be in the translation system, and give you the option to remove them. This will clean

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dtbakerNew Language/Translation Bug Fixes