New CRM Feature Release

New Help System Released

We’re working on a better help and documentation system for UCM, so in the latest update you will see a new “help” icon visible on every page of UCM. It looks like this (see top right) By default this help menu is only visible to the Super Administrator, more details please click here.

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dtbakerNew Help System Released

Payment Methods – new defaults

It is now possible to have a payment method disabled by default, and you can now enable it on an invoice-by-invoice basis. Example Authorize payment gateway settings: now when creating an invoice the Authorize payment option will be disabled, you can enable it for that particular invoice.

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dtbakerPayment Methods – new defaults

Extra Field Updates – Dropdown & WYSIWYG

We now have dropdown and WYSIWYG extra field support. Here’s what the settings look like (Settings > Extra Fields):   Here’s what it looks like on the page:   There is also WYSIWYG support, which looks like this on the page:   and when you click in the editor you get the TinyMCE menu popup like this:

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dtbakerExtra Field Updates – Dropdown & WYSIWYG

Sorting by extra fields

We’ve added basic support for sorting on extra fields in the “Customer” and “Leads” area. Create an “extra field” from the customer page, and then from Settings > Extra Fields you can set the visibility to be “Public + In Columns”. This will display the extra field data in the main Customer listing. Now you can

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dtbakerSorting by extra fields

Custom Data receives new features

We’ve spent some time adding a few new features and fixes to the “Custom Data” feature (more coming soon too!) New features that you will notice straight away are the new “Multiple” option and the full list of supported field types is now in a drop down. There is also new support for display a Customer, Website,

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dtbakerCustom Data receives new features

Custom hooks for table data

Here’s one for the developers You can now add extra columns to the table data in UCM, for example the main “Customer List”. Here is some example PHP code that will work in the latest version of UCM: Here’s a screenshot showing the extra data that is added in this particular example:  

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dtbakerCustom hooks for table data

Extra Fields Updates – Dates and Bug Fixes

You can now create an extra field as a “date” field. Simply go to Settings > Extra Fields > * open existing extra field * > change the “Field Type” from “Text” to “Date”. This will now show up as a date picker field in the Job extra field area, as shown here:   There

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dtbakerExtra Fields Updates – Dates and Bug Fixes