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Custom Data receives new features

We’ve spent some time¬†adding a few new features and fixes to the “Custom Data” feature (more coming soon too!) New features that you will notice straight away are the new “Multiple” option and the full list of supported field types is now in a drop down. There is also new support for¬†display a Customer, Website,

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dtbakerCustom Data receives new features

Custom hooks for table data

Here’s one for the developers You can now add extra columns to the table data in UCM, for example the main “Customer List”. Here is some example PHP code that will work in the latest version of UCM: https://gist.github.com/dtbaker/2b3057483567c9acfa7a Here’s a screenshot showing the extra data that is added in this particular example:  

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dtbakerCustom hooks for table data

Extra Fields Updates – Dates and Bug Fixes

You can now create an extra field as a “date” field. Simply go to Settings > Extra Fields > * open existing extra field * > change the “Field Type” from “Text” to “Date”. This will now show up as a date picker field in the Job extra field area, as shown here:   There

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dtbakerExtra Fields Updates – Dates and Bug Fixes

Sending a Quote from a Support Ticket

We’ve made a step in the direction of billing from a Support Ticket. This new feature allows you to create a “Quote” from a “Support Ticket”, and send that quote to the user. (the Quote can then be converted into a Job and finally an Invoice) More details in the Quote Documentation

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dtbakerSending a Quote from a Support Ticket

Drag and Drop file upload

We’ve added support for Drag & Drop file upload (in compatible browsers). Simply go to the normal File > Add page and drag your files (or a folder) across, it will turn green like this:   (hint: make sure file_upload_old is 0 in advanced settings)

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dtbakerDrag and Drop file upload

Multiple file uploads & bulk file delete

We’ve added support for multiple file uploads. Simply select multiple files like this:       Click “Save File” and it will upload them all at once, like this:     There is also a new bulk delete option:   Enjoy!     (hunt: make sure file_upload_old is set to 0 in advanced settings)

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dtbakerMultiple file uploads & bulk file delete

Template tag arithmetic improvements

Template tags now support + – and * arithmetic, here is an example that is used in the “external_invoice” template: Total: {TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE} <br> +10: {TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE+10} <br> 10%: {TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE*0.10} <br> 50%: {TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE*0.50} <br> -50: {TOTAL_AMOUNT_DUE-50} <br> This produces the following output: Total: $100.00 EUR +10: $110 EUR 10%: $10 EUR 50%: $50 EUR -50: $50 EUR

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dtbakerTemplate tag arithmetic improvements

New Feature Request Area

We have tweaked the feature request area a little bit, check it out here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/ucm-feature-requests/ This page will show a nice summary of UCM feature requests: all the popular feature requests new feature requests recently completed features There is also a new “fund” button to go along with the existing “vote” button. If you would

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dtbakerNew Feature Request Area