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Extra field ordering, file upload and permission improvements

There are a few new features for Extra Fields. Check them out in Settings > Extra Fields. You can choose different Extra Field types, including a File Upload. You can choose the order these Extra Fields will appear in the listing. The permissions have also been improved, check out Settings > User Roles and see

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dtbakerExtra field ordering, file upload and permission improvements

Change menu icons

If you’re using the AdminLTE theme you can now change the menu icons. Simply head to Settings > Menu and type the new icon name into the list. Available icons are from fontawesome here: https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

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dtbakerChange menu icons

New Customer Types

Previously there were two default types available: Customer and Leads. Now you can create your own additional customer types. See the new options under Settings > Customers. Here’s a screenshot of the new feature:  

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dtbakerNew Customer Types

New Customer Map Feature

Here’s a new feature for you! In the latest update there is a “Map” menu. This shows all your customer addresses. You can click on each icon to open that customer. There is also a “Map” icon under each customer page, so if a customer has multiple contact addresses it will show the contact addresses

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dtbakerNew Customer Map Feature

Responsive Improvements

We’ve made some responsive improvements to the Customer page. Here are some before and after screenshots: Notice how each “block” of information is now shrunk down and a summary is shown. Clicking the plus/minus buttons will show and hide the extra information. Ultimate Client Manager (default) Metris theme; before and after: Ultimate Client Manager new AdminLTE theme; before

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dtbakerResponsive Improvements

New Help System Released

We’re working on a better help and documentation system for UCM, so in the latest update you will see a new “help” icon visible on every page of UCM. It looks like this (see top right) By default this help menu is only visible to the Super Administrator, more details please click here.

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dtbakerNew Help System Released

Payment Methods – new defaults

It is now possible to have a payment method disabled by default, and you can now enable it on an invoice-by-invoice basis. Example Authorize payment gateway settings: now when creating an invoice the Authorize payment option will be disabled, you can enable it for that particular invoice.

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dtbakerPayment Methods – new defaults

Extra Field Updates – Dropdown & WYSIWYG

We now have dropdown and WYSIWYG extra field support. Here’s what the settings look like (Settings > Extra Fields):   Here’s what it looks like on the page:   There is also WYSIWYG support, which looks like this on the page:   and when you click in the editor you get the TinyMCE menu popup like this:

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dtbakerExtra Field Updates – Dropdown & WYSIWYG