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Login issue in latest PHP version

There’s a compatibility issue with newer PHP versions that prevents some installations of UCM from logging in. There are two different ways to fix this: Edit the includes/config.php file and change DEMO_MODE to true, then login to your site, visit Settings > Upgrade and upgrade to latest version, then change DEMO_MODE back to false in the config file. Or; Download

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dtbakerLogin issue in latest PHP version

Just launched UCM Hosted

A lot of people ask me for hosting. It turns out finding reliable hosting that has all the features needed for UCM to operate successfully is quite tricky. So we decided to create our own. You can now get access to UCM Pro on our own hosting infrastructure for only $5 per month. Check it out over

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dtbakerJust launched UCM Hosted

May 2017 CRM Update

Hello everyone, There has been a big update to UCM, we have started down the path of re-writing the code in a better and more extendable way. This is paving the way for much better (and quicker) updates and features in the future. Here is a quick summary of what is included in the latest update

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dtbakerMay 2017 CRM Update

Latest Update: Customer Statement Overview

The latest UCM Pro update includes a customer statement overview link. You can email this special link to the customer and they can click it to view all their invoices, quotes, jobs and payments in one easy to manage location. Find the link in the “Customer > Advanced” area. Here’s a screenshot:   A special thanks to MZ for this

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dtbakerLatest Update: Customer Statement Overview

Setting up “Custom Data” to appear on an Invoice template

In this tutorial we will pull some “Custom Data” elements into an invoice template. First we setup our data by going to Settings > Custom Data and creating a new data store. We will call this one “Commission Rates”. Our aim is to show the text “Dave: 10%” on our final invoice. Next we want

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dtbakerSetting up “Custom Data” to appear on an Invoice template

Reset invoice numbering at the start of the year

A lot of people are asking for invoice numbering to be reset at the start of a year (for tax reasons). In the latest version you can go to Settings > Advanced and set the following 3 options: invoice_incrementing 1 invoice_incrementing_next 1 invoice_increment_date_check Y This will reset invoice numbering from 1 for this year.

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dtbakerReset invoice numbering at the start of the year

New Timer Feature Released

We’re excited to release the new timer feature. Check it out in the live demo. Start a timer from any page of the system. Automatic timer starts when you open a job or ticket. Convert a timer into an invoice. More details over here: https://ultimateclientmanager.com/feature/task-timer/

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dtbakerNew Timer Feature Released