Products: Unit Type

You can now append a “Unit Type” to a product. For example: Kilogram, Boxes, Packets, Hours, Letters, Prints, Meetings Head over to Settings > Products and try it out.  

Basic Inventory Management

Hey all, Good news, we’ve just launched basic inventory management in the last update. Head on over to Settings > Products and give it a whirl. Once a product appears in an Invoice it will be removed from the available quantity. (if that Invoice is deleted the available stock Quantity will come back) This has been

New Feature: Customer Welcome Email

There’s a new button near the bottom of the Edit Customer page called “Generate Welcome Email” This will preview an email for the current customer and include a link they can click to login and set their password. This welcome email template can be modified in Settings > Templates.

New Theme: Blocks

There’s a new theme available for UCM. This brings a new look & feel to the system along with a few extra features. All the details are over on ThemeForest here: http://themeforest.net/item/ucm-theme-blocks-crm/14745039

Ticket Group Defaults and New Access Permissions

Good news! Tickets has received a little update in the “Groups” department. The first change is under Settings > Tickets > Ticket Types: Here you can now pick the default groups that will be applied to any new support tickets (imported via POP3/IMAP or via the online embed web form). The second change is a little more advanced

Speed improvements by disabling menu count bubbles

The latest update will speed up your page loads by disabling the “count” bubbles in the menu, as shown here: Don’t worry you can turn them back on from Settings > System Settings by ticking this box, just remember that these count bubbles will slow the page load times down a little bit.

Extra field ordering, file upload and permission improvements

There are a few new features for Extra Fields. Check them out in Settings > Extra Fields. You can choose different Extra Field types, including a File Upload. You can choose the order these Extra Fields will appear in the listing. The permissions have also been improved, check out Settings > User Roles and see

Change menu icons

If you’re using the AdminLTE theme you can now change the menu icons. Simply head to Settings > Menu and type the new icon name into the list. Available icons are from fontawesome here: https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/