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Login issue in latest PHP version

There’s a compatibility issue with newer PHP versions that prevents some installations of UCM from logging in.

There are two different ways to fix this:

  1. Edit the includes/config.php file and change DEMO_MODE to true, then login to your site, visit Settings > Upgrade and upgrade to latest version, then change DEMO_MODE back to false in the config file.
  2. Or; Download the latest sessions.php file from here and FTP this file over the top of your includes/plugin_session/session.php file manually.

The technical issue for those interested: UCM can use database backed PHP sessions. This allows you to track logins and terminate sessions remotely. A later version of PHP handles custom session handlers differently to earlier versions which resulted in database backed PHP sessions failing to start. Enabling demo mode bypasses the database backed session feature and allows you to login and perform an upgrade.

dtbakerLogin issue in latest PHP version
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