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Creating your own Dashboard Widgets in the AdminLTE UCM theme

It is possible to create your own Dashboard Widgets for the new AdminLTE UCM theme with a little bit of PHP knowledge.

Have a look in the includes/plugin_theme_adminlte/dashboard_widgets/ folder. Here you will see a single file for each existing dashboard widget. Simply copy one of those files and rename it to widget_SOMETHING.php and away you go. Here is some sample PHP code for a Dashboard Widget:


If you want your “Job” dashboard widget to exclude certain jobs based on name: Edit the file includes/plugin_theme_adminlte/dashboard_widgets/widget_jobs.php and change this line:

$jobs = module_job::get_jobs(array(‘completed’=>3),array(‘columns’=>’u.job_id’));

to this:

$jobs = module_job::get_jobs(array(‘completed’=>3),array(‘columns’=>’u.job_id’,’custom_where’=>” AND u.`name` NOT LIKE ‘%TEMPLATE%'”));

This will make the dashboard widget ignore any jobs that have the word “Template” in them.

dtbakerCreating your own Dashboard Widgets in the AdminLTE UCM theme
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