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New Template Tags available (Dates and Invoices)

Here’s a new nifty template feature available for dates:

{DATE_CREATE-Y} will print only the “Year” from the {DATE_CREATE} field.

The full list of options are: ymdYMDjlSWFn and more details about each can be found here http://php.net/date

For example to print out “March the 8th, 2014″ in your invoice_print template you could use this code:


Also in the invoice_print template there is a new tag available called IS_INVOICE_PAID and it can be used like this:

{if:IS_INVOICE_PAID}<p> <font style=”font-size: 1.6em;”><strong>INVOICE PAID</strong></font> </p>{endif:IS_INVOICE_PAID}

dtbakerNew Template Tags available (Dates and Invoices)
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