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New Responsive Bootstrap Theme Now Available!

We have been busy over the past week working on a new Responsive Bootstrap theme for the Ultimate Client Manager.

This is now available as a FREE UPGRADE for any existing UCM Pro customers. Here’s some screenshots to get you excited:



Simply go to Settings > Upgrade and perform an update as normal (remember to backup first!) this is a BIG update so it may take some time on certain hosting accounts. After the upgrade is complete, go to Settings > Themes and choose “Metis” from the drop down box.

The sidebar position (left/right) and theme colours can be controlled from Settings > Themes as well.

If you have any problems or suggestions please post them in the THEMES FORUM AREA.

We will continue working on small UI enhancements over the coming weeks.

Enjoy 🙂 

dtbakerNew Responsive Bootstrap Theme Now Available!
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