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New Beta Feature: Companies!

Quite a few requests for this one, so I have made available the “work in progress” so people can start using it.

There is still a lot more work (and testing!) to be done on this plugin.

The “Company” feature will allow you to setup companies under the settings area, and then assign customers to individual companies. Now you can group customers between companiues.

This feature will be great if you are running different businesses from the same UCM installation.

Features that will be added down the track:

  • different templates (eg: invoices) for different companies
  • different payment details (eg: paypal address / bank account) for different companies
  • restrict staff to only see customers from particular companies
  • customise the logo / theme settings depending on the currently logged in / viewed company
  • (these features will take some time!)


Update: custom configuration variables per company is now a possibility: see here for instructions: https://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/faq-knowledge-base/faq-item/?ucm_faq_id=73

dtbakerNew Beta Feature: Companies!
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