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New Feature: User Account Permissions

This new feature is available under Settings > User Roles.

If you set this to “N/A” or “All Contact and User Accounts” it will mean the user will have access to all user accounts ( Settings > User ) and all contact accounts ( Customer > Contacts ).

Setting this to “Only My Account” will only allow the user to see their own account (if you are a Customer Contact or a User)

Setting this to “Only Contact Accounts” means the user will not be able to see any users in Settings > Users


This permission also works in with the “Customer Data Access” selection. For example if “Customer Data Access” is set to “Only Customers I am assigned to as a Contact” and “User Account Access” is set to “Only Contact Accounts” then the user will only be able to see all the contact accounts for the current linked customer.

If you are trying to give users access to change their own passwords then use these permissions in the User Role:

  • “User Account Access” to to “Only My Account”
  • “Config” > “Users Passwords” > tick “create”
dtbakerNew Feature: User Account Permissions
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