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New Customer Permissions

A big update has just gone out to allow for faster customer permissions behind the scenes. There is also a new “Customer Staff” feature available in the Customer edit window as shown here:


This should make it easier to assign Customers to staff rather than the previous method of delegating Customer Jobs/Tasks to a staff member in order to grant them permissions (this option is still available though!).

If you don’t see this new option in Customer Edit after upgrading UCM from Settings > Upgrade please ensure your user account has the “edit” permission for “Customer Staff” under Settings > User Roles.

Now when setting up “Staff” members look for the new “Customer Data Access” option available in the drop down here:



If you don’t like the word “staff” you can change it in Settings > Advanced, just look for the “customer_staff_name” setting.

The main customer listing will also show assigned staff members, you can hide this by changing the advanced setting “customer_staff_list” from 1 to 0

You can also search customers based on assigned staff members.

dtbakerNew Customer Permissions
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