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Job Task Type: Hours, Quantity or just Amount

You can now choose the “Task Type” of a job. The options are “Hourly Rate & Amount” (this was the old default), and “Quantity & Amount” and “Amount Only“.

Choosing the default task type will also change the “Hours” column to “Qty”. These words be adjusted (eg: change Qty to Quantity) through the advanced setting “task_hours_name” and “task_qty_name” if you want.



You can also choose the “Task Type” on an individual task basis if you need to mix and match different task types in the same job.





These features also follow through to invoicing.

Update: More info

The default is hourly rate + amount. This will show the “Hours” column along with an “Amount” column. Inputing a number of hours will auto complete the price based on the job hourly rate.

Quantity and Amount will allow you to input a Quantity (eg: 2) and an Amount (eg: $100) and the final price will be $200 (Quantity x Amount). The last option “Amount Only” will just have the amount column for manual input of price. Change the advanced setting “default_task_type” between 0, 1 and 2 to change the default here.

dtbakerJob Task Type: Hours, Quantity or just Amount
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