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Ajax Search – Speed Improvements

Ajax search just got a speed boost!

The new version is improved by not searching for an element if the previous sub string returned no results.

Example: If you type “Bob” into the search box, and the system doesn’t find any “Customers” matching “Bob”, then if you continue to type “Bobs Tyres” the system will skip searching the “Customer” area because it knows it previously found no “Bob” entries in there.

Previously the system would search everywhere (Customer,Tickets,Invoices,etc..) as you type in the string, eg: “Bob”, “Bobs”, “Bobs T”, “Bobs Ty”, “Bobs Tyr”, “Bobs Tyre” and finally “Bobs Tyres”. If you have a large database this can be slow!


dtbakerAjax Search – Speed Improvements
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