Possible to Edit Invoices?

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Hi, I was just wondering if it was possible to edit invoices after they’re created. Wasn’t sure if this feature exists and I’m just missing something; otherwise I suppose this could be considered a feature request. 🙂

I’ve had numerous times where I’ve generated an invoice and sent it to the customer, then they are late on their payment. We add a 2% interest/late fee for overdue invoices. So a month or two down the line I need to revise the invoice and re-send with the new total + late fee. I can edit a PDF and send that, but in UCM it remains with the old total… which means when they pay the new higher amount I end up with an overage/credit. If their original invoice was $500 but with the late fee they send a payment for $512, the system then tells me I owe that customer a credit of $12. The only workaround I’ve found is to then go in and create *another* invoice, manually append the invoice number (i.e. 8054-FEE), and make it out for the $12 overage that I can apply that “credit” to. It would be ideal if we could just edit the original invoice and have the new higher payment apply straight to that.

Is this possible in any way? Thank you very much!

To follow up, it looks like when I first create an invoice, I can add line items under “Invoice Items”. But when I go into older invoices to try to add in a late fee as described, it won’t let me; there’s just no option to add an item.

Maybe this was a new feature added so “new” invoices can be edited, but old ones can’t?

Ha – never mind. I see now. Invoices can be edited and line items added as long as it hasn’t been marked as Sent. Once I deleted the sent date under “Invoice Details” then it let me go back in and add the late fee items. With the total properly updated, I re-entered the sent date, which re-locked the line items but also got rid of the overage credit.

So everyone move on, nothing to see here. 🙂 Maybe at least this adventure can help someone who stumbles across this in the future.

Thanks helped me.

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cwaz13Possible to Edit Invoices?