UCM Translation Assistant

  • Select your language from the drop down box on the right hand side.
  • Wait for the entire page to translate (may take some time)
  • Click the download button
  • Save the resulting file as Language.csv
  • Go to Settings > Language and create/open the language of your choice
  • Click Import CSV up the top and upload this Language.csv file
Original Word Automatic Translation Manual Corrections
(%s days)
(%s to %s)
(in %s days)
- Account -
- Archived -
- Category -
- Choose -
- Company -
- Create New -
- Customer Group -
- Default -
- default, use fields defined below -
- disable Email -
- disable Print to PDF -
- Group -
- Manage Options -
- None -
- Select -
- Status -
- Unassigned -
<input type="checkbox" name="bulk_operation_all" id="bulk_operation_all" value="yehaw" >
starting from
to %s
%1$s %2$s%3$s
%s %s renewal
%s %s%s of %s %s
%s (%s%%)
%s (from %s)
%s by %s
%s days ago
%s due
%s files
%s files deleted successfully
%s Hours / %s Tasks Remain
%s Hours Done
%s Hours Total
%s invoice%s: %s
%s invoices deleted successfully
%s means "string" and is replaced with another value when displayed on the screen.
%s months
%s of %s
%s Other Support Tickets
%s paid
%s products
%s remain
%s Sub-Total:
%s to %s
%s Total:
%s Totals:
%s under customer %s
%s years
&laquo; Hide message
&laquo; Prev
(%s jobs)
(%s out of %s tickets)
(%s to %s)
(%s%% completed)
(and %s)
(bulk actions)
(calculated: %s%%)
(cannot merge, invoice already has payment)
(linked to job: %s)
(note: this user does not have login permissions yet - login will not work)
(same as email address)
(this form can be edited from Settings > Templates)
(this may take a few moments)
(under different customer)
(you can create advanced template features from this folder)
- Select -
----- (Please reply above this line) -----
... this amount
1 configuration values saved successfully
110 is normal, 995 is ssl
<a href="%s" class="uibutton">Start Sending Now</a><br/>Click the above button to start sending now (rather than wait for it to be processed in the background by the CRON job).
<a href="%s" target="_blank">Click here</a> to see how to add a URL to your Google Calendar. You can choose which calendars to import below:
<em>New:</em> Please <a href="%s" target="_blank">click here</a> to view the HTML invoice (this HTML page can be "Printed to PDF" using <a href="http://www.primopdf.com/" target="_blank">PrimoPDF</a> for better results).
<p>This newsletter has already been sent out <strong>%s</strong> times:</p>%s<p>Please press the <strong>duplicate</strong> button at the bottom to create a new newsletter based on this newsletter. You can also re-send this newsletter to a new group of people below if you want.</p>
<strong>%s</strong> of %s changes remaining
A comma separated list of currencies to support, eg: AUD,USD Leave this blank to support all currencies. If an invoice is in an unsupported currency then this payment method will not display.
A File Bucket is a collection of files. The customer can easily upload files to this bucket.
A list of valid timezones is located here: <a href="http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php" target="_blank">http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php</a>
A staff member is someone who can be assigned to a Job, Job Task or Customer.
Accepted Date
Access denied to %s %s (under %s).<br>Please contact your administrator if you would like access.
Add all these results to a group:
Add Attachment
Add Comment
Add imported records to group:
Add Item
Add missing words from CSV into Database
Add New
Add New Bucket
Add New Contact
Add New Contract
Add New Facebook Account
Add New FAQ
Add New Field
Add New File
Add New Job
Add New Language
Add New newsletter
Add New Note
Add New Product
Add New Quote
Add New Role
Add New Supplier
Add New Template
Add New Ticket
Add New Type
Add new user
Add New Website
Add payment
add success
Add these payments to credit that can be used for invoice payments.
Add this code to EVERY PAGE of your customers website (eg: Same as Google Analytics or in WordPress theme footer.php file). Make sure this is loaded AFTER jQuery is loaded. (Advanced users can copy this public.js file to clients website to improve load times). <br><br> Or paste this code into the browser console for testing: <br><br>%s
Add to group
Add your own custom CSS code here and it will be included in all pages of the website. You may have to clear your browser cache in order to see these changes. This code is added to the "ext.php?m=theme&amp;h=css" file if you are looking at the page source code.
Add your own custom HTML/JS code here and it will be included in all pages of the website. You may have to clear your browser cache in order to see these changes.
Additional Charge (as $)
Additional Charge (as %)
Additional Charge (Description)
Additional Fields
Adjust price by:
Advanced Configuration area below. This contains every configurable value in the system. Change at own risk :)
After printing is complete you can <a href="%s">click here</a> return to invoice %s
After Tax
All Converted client Notes
All Customer Contacts
All Customer Notes
All day event
All Day Event
All Lead Notes
All paid
All Permissions
All Staff
All Time
All Unpaid Invoices
Allocated Customers
Allocated Members
Allow Access To:
Allow change requests. This SUPER COOL feature allows your customer to highlight something on their website and request a change. The "change request" will come through here and you can invoice for that change.
Allow Email
Allow for extra input boxes on tickets
Allow multiple inputs with a little + and - button. Only available for text, textarea, select and radio fields
Allow PDF
Allow Primary User to pick a Password on Signup
Allow priority paid support
Allow the customer to access the portal area
Allow Update of Existing Customer Entries
Allow User To Enter Payment Amount
Allowed Payment Methods
Allowed Payments
Also delete all Customer %s, Jobs, Invoices, Tickets and Files
Also delete all Customer Websites, Jobs, Invoices, Tickets and Files
Alternating colors on table data. Change this and check the Customer list.
Always Create New Customer Entries
Amount Billed
Amount Due
Amount Invoiced
Amount Invoiced for 01/06/2020 to 08/06/2020
Amount Invoiced for 18/05/2020 to 25/05/2020
Amount Invoiced for 29/06/2020 to 06/07/2020
Amount Only
and will be automatically emailed
Approve this Contract
Approve this Quote
Approved %s
Approved By
Approved Date
Are You Sure to Delete this Event
Ask for Password
Assign a staff member to this calendar event. Click the plus sign to add more staff members.
Assign a staff member to this contract. You can also assign individual tasks to different staff members. Staff members are users who have EDIT permissions on Contract Tasks.
Assign a staff member to this customer. Staff members are users who have EDIT permissions on Job Tasks. Click the plus sign to add more staff members. You can apply the "Only Assigned Staff" permission in User Role settings to restrict staff members to these customers.
Assign a staff member to this file. Staff members are users who have EDIT permissions on Job Tasks. Click the plus sign to add more staff members. You can apply the "Only Assigned Staff" permission in User Role settings to restrict staff members to these files.<br><br>If there are assigned staff members then those members will be the only ones to receive notifications when a change is made to the file. If no staff are assigned to this file then anyone with the "Receive Alerts" permission will receive file change/comment alerts.
Assign a staff member to this job. You can also assign individual tasks to different staff members. Staff members are users who have EDIT permissions on Job Tasks.
Assign a staff member to this quote. You can also assign individual tasks to different staff members. Staff members are users who have EDIT permissions on Quote Tasks.
Assign Quote
Assign this User Role to all newly created contacts.
Assigned Company
Assigned Contact
Assigned Jobs
Assigned Staff
Assigned Tasks
Assigning Credit
Assigning Overpayment Credit from invoice <a href="%s">#%s</a>
Associated Products (optional)
Attachments will be sent out with emails. This will use a LOT of your bandwidth! (eg: a 1MB PDF sent to 1000 people = 1GB)
Authorize Settings
Authorize setup instructions:
Auto Login Link
Auto Overdue Email
Automatic Email
Automatic Invoice
Automatic Invoice Receipts
Automatic Invoice Renewal Pending
Automatic Job Renewal Pending
Automatic Overdue Emails
Automatic Renew
Automatic Send Invoice Receipt
Automatically Email
Automatically Invoice
Automatically Renew
Automatically Renewing invoice for %s
Automatically send the invoice receipt to the customer once the invoice is marked as paid. If this is disabled you will have to go into the invoice and manually send it after payment is received.
Automically re-send every
Automically send after
Available By Default On Invoices
Available Template Tags:
Available to
Back to Login
Backup Size
Badge Color
Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer Settings
Bank Transfer Templates
Base URL for your system (eg: / or /admin/)
Basic System Settings
Be sure to set the paypal IPN url to http://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo_pro/ext.php?m=paymethod_paypal&h=ipn&method=paypal in your paypal account settings.
Be sure to set the paypal IPN url to https://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo_pro/ext.php?m=paymethod_paypal&h=ipn&method=paypal in your paypal account settings.
Before Tax
Below are a list of words that might be incorrect. You can remove these from here. Make a translation backup first.
Billing Type
Blue Top Line
Both Accepted and Un-Accepted Contracts
Both Accepted and Un-Accepted Quotes
Both Completed and Non-Completed Jobs
Bounce Checking
Bounce Email
Bounce Threshold
Box Sizing
Box Style
Boxed (divs)
Browser Preview
Bucket Description
Bucket Files
Bucket Name
Bulk Actions
Bulk actions:
Burst Count
Burst Wait
By default only the Super Administrator (first user created) can see the help documentation. If this option is disabled you will still need to give each User Role access to "view help" for them to see the "help" menu correctly. Please note that the help documentation may contain branding.
Calculate as provider fee
Calendar Event
Can Login
Cancel Date
Caption to use instead of the automatically generated one from the Link page
Category Name
Change Assigned:
Change Customer
Change default system variables for this customer
Change how form elements display on the page.
Change how wide the title.
Change if the menu scrolls with the page or remains fixed.
Change Password
Change Request Settings
Change staff:
Change status %s to:
Change status to:
Change success
Change Ticket Status
Change to Me
changed ticket status to %s
Changing a customer will also change all the current linked jobs and invoices across to this new customer.
Changing some settings is disabled in DEMO mode.
Changing this will clear any message below. Create new templates in Settings > Templates. Name them email_template_SOMETHING and they will appear in this list.
Check Errors
Check for Upgrades
Check Settings
Check Templates
Checkbox list
Choose a different PDF library if you notice PDF generation is not working or is slow. mPDF is the better option but may not display some things correctly.
Choose Passphrase:
Choose Template
Choose the default Email Template. Name your custom templates invoice_email_SOMETHING for them to appear in this listing.
Choose the default PDF Template. Name your custom templates invoice_print_SOMETHING for them to appear in this listing.
Choose the default template for emailing these subscription invoices to customers. You must create 3 new custom templates. Name your custom templates invoice_email_SOMETHING_due, invoice_email_SOMETHING_overdue and invoice_email_SOMETHING_paid for them to appear in this listing. Replace SOMETHING with a word of your choice. You can also create a different template to be sent for the first subscription, name it invoice_email_SOMETHING_due_1
Choose the default template for PDF printing and PDF emailing. Name your custom template invoice_print_SOMETHING for them to appear in this listing. Replace SOMETHING with a word of your choice. You can also create a different template to be sent for the first subscription, name it invoice_print_SOMETHING_1
Choose Time
Choose what to include in email
Clean/Compact (table,tr,td)
click here
Click the "record" button once an transaction has been completed, this will schedule the next reminder.
Click this button to email the invoice to the customer from the system
Click to add a comment
Click to the view of current date
Click to view external link
Clicks By
Coinbase (bitcoin)
Coinbase only supports subscriptions that are: daily, weekly, every_two_weeks, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. So your invoice/subscription renewals will have to match these in order to work.
Coinbase Settings
Coinbase setup instructions:
Color code for background of menu. Default color is #aef6fa
Color code for text and icons in menu. Default color is #1f3334
Color Style
Combine transactions together. eg: an invoice payment history with corresponding bank statement transaction. Transactions need to be the same dollar amount to link successfully.
Coming Soon
Company Details
Company Information
Company Name
Company saved successfully
Completed %s
Completed Date
Compose Message
Compose Post
Configuration Key
Configuration saved successfully
Configuration Value
Confirm Delete
Contact Details
Contact Groups
Contact Name, Email or Phone Number:
Contact Notes
Contact: %s
Content Padding
Contract approval emailed to staff member
Contract Description
Contract Details
Contract Footer
Contract Groups
Contract Notes
Contract Requires Approval
Contract saved successfully
Contract Sidebar
Contract Title
Contract Title:
Contract: %s
Convert all images into trackable images
Convert all links into trackable click links
Convert this Quote into a Job
Converted client
Converted client Contacts
Converted client Groups
Converted client Information
Converted client Name
Converted client: %s
Cost of a priority support ticket
Cost Price
Create a Backup
Create a new customer and move this "Assigned Contact" to this new customer.
Create Backup
Create Date
Create Date:
Create event
Create Invoice
Create Linked Contacts
Create New
Create New
Create New Account
Create New Backup
Create New Calendar Event
Create New Category
Create New Converted client
Create New csdsd
Create New Custom Data
Create New Customer
Create New Field
Create New Fieldset
Create New Inspections
Create New Invoice
Create New Lead
Create New License Plate
Create New Member
Create New NewCustomData
Create New Notes Example
Create New Product
Create New ssdc
Create New Subscription
Create New test
Create New test data
Create New Test Table
Create New test3
Create New teste
Create New Transfers
Create New Vault
Create New Warranty
Create Newsletter
Create Transaction
Created By
Created Date
Created successfully!
Credit: %s
CRM Calendar
CSS Property
Current %s
Current Inventory
Current server time is %s
Current status
Currently sending (waiting from CRON job)
Currently: %s
Custom Config
Custom CSS Code
Custom Data
Custom Header Code
Customer contact saved successfully
Customer Contact:
Customer Contacts
Customer Contracts
Customer Count
Customer Details
Customer Emails
Customer Files
Customer Footer
Customer Groups
Customer Information
Customer Jobs
Customer Limit
Customer Link
Customer Menu
Customer Name
Customer Notes
Customer Notes (coming soon)
Customer Portal
Customer Quotes
Customer replies go directly to staff
Customer saved successfully
Customer Settings
Customer Sidebar
Customer Signup
Customer Signup Form
Customer Staff Name
Customer Subscriptions
Customer Subscriptions (coming soon)
Customer Tickets
Customer Type
Customer Type (plural)
Customer Types
Customer View Only
Customer Websites
Customer: %s
Customers will be able to purchase these products through the portal area as part of their contract agreement.
Dashboard Finance Settings
Data deleted successfully
Data field saved successfully
Data Field Settings
Data Fields
Data Fieldset
Data fieldset saved successfully
Data Fieldsets
Data format error!
Data saved successfully
Data Settings
Data Type
Date Added
Date Created
Date format
Day Count
Days to alert due tasks in future (for dashboard)
Decrypted Value:
Default (%s)
Default Account
Default Categories
Default currency to use throughout the system
Default for default_job_prefix is:
Default for default_quote_prefix is:
Default for default_task_type is: 0
Default for hourly_rate is: 85
Default for invoice_automatic_receipt is:
Default for invoice_due_days is: 7
Default for invoice_template_print_default is: invoice_print
Default hourly rate
Default language to use throughout the system
Default Payment Method
Default PDF invoice template
Default Task Type
Default Tax
Default template to use
Default Text
Default Theme
Default theme to use
Default type of job
Default Type/Department
Default will display the extra field when opening an item (eg: opening a customer). If a user can view the customer they will be able to view the extra field information when viewing the customer. Public In Column means that this extra field will also display in the overall listing (eg: customer listing). More options coming soon (eg: private)
Defaults loaded successfully.
Delete Confirmation
Delete failed double-opt-in members
Delete invoice item?
Delete invoice payment?
Delete selected files
Delete selected invoices
Delete selected products
Delete selected tickets
Delete Task?
Delete these members
Description to use instead of the automatically generated one from the Link page
Different options for the content box colors.
Digital Agency Pvt. Ltd.
Disabled & Hidden
Disabled & Shown
Discount Amount
Discount Name
Discount Type
Discussions on %s
Display Group If
Display Location
Display Type
Do you confirm to delete this event?
Do you want to all repeat events or only this event? \r\nClick [OK] to delete only this event, click [Cancel] delete all events
Done Date
Drop down values, one per line
Drop Down Values:
Dropdown Options
Due Date
Due Date/Time
Due Date:
Duplicate Invoice Numbers
Dynamic Fields:
e.g., meeting at room 107
Each Data Fieldset will contain a set of fields (eg: input or radio select boxes). Create a new fieldset to begin.
Edit Address
Edit Currency
Edit Customer Type
Edit details
Edit Event
Edit Extra Default Field
Edit Group
Edit Profile
Edit Segment
Edit Template
Edit template: %s
Edit Ticket Data Key
Edit Transaction
eg: A4 or Letter
Email Address
Email BCC
Email CC
Email Details
Email File: %s
Email For Approval
Email Invoice
Email Invoice: %s
Email Job
Email Overdue Notice
Email Preview
Email preview sent successfully
Email Receipt
Email Settings (SMTP)
Email Staff
Email staff (%s - %s tasks)
Email Subject
Email Subject:
Email Template
Email Template:
Email this Job to Customer
Email: %s
Embed Ticket Form
Enable Authorize Checkout
Enable Changes
Enable Coinbase Checkout
Enable Coinbase Subscriptions
Enable Customer Maps
Enable customer signup form
Enable Google Checkout
Enable ID Numbers
Enable Inventory
Enable Multisafepay Checkout
Enable Payment Method
Enable PayNL Checkout
Enable PayPal Checkout
Enable PayPal recurring payments
Enable Sandbox Mode
Enable Stripe Checkout
Enable Stripe Subscriptions (set web hook below!)
Enable this option and any customer email replies will go back to the staff member who sent the support ticket (rather than into the system). Recommended unticking this option.
Enable this option to show staff members in the main customer listing area
Encrypt and Save
Encrypted successfully! Saving...
Encrypted Value:
Encryption Vault:
End Automatic Timer
End Date
End Time
English Word
Enter a dollar value here to create a deposit invoice for this job. Also supports entering a percentage (eg: 20%%)
Enter a list of email addresses here (comma separated) and this ticket message will be blind carbon copied to these recipients. These recipients can reply to the ticket and their reply will appeear here in the ticketing system if you have POP3/IMAP setup correctly.
Enter a list of email addresses here (comma separated) and this ticket message will be carbon copied to these recipients. These recipients can reply to the ticket and their reply will appeear here in the ticketing system if you have POP3/IMAP setup correctly.
Enter a manual job "percent completed" here and this will be used instead of the automatically calculated value.
Enter a password the customer has to use to access their portal
Enter anything you like in this blank field. eg: Passwords, Links, Notes, etc..
Enter Passphrase:
Enter the hour of day (eg: 7 for 7am, 14 for 2pm) to perform automatic actions - such as renewing invoices, subscriptions, overdue notices, etc...
Enter Your Message:
Enter your username and password
Entire Fieldset
Entry Count
Event title can not be blank or contains ($<>)
Every %s
Every time an invoice is generated for this customer the INVOICE NUMBER will be prefixed with this value.
Example: $ or &pound;
Example: 0.30 do not enter $ sign
Example: 1.5 do not enter $ sign
Example: 1.5 do not enter %% sign
Example: 2.9 do not enter %% sign
Example: es or de
example: Lead
example: Leads
Example: Spanish or German;
Example: USD or AUD
Exception when getting data
Expenses for 01/08/2020
Expenses for 06/07/2020 to 13/07/2020
Expenses for 26/07/2020
Export all results as PDF
Export all these results:
Export CSV
Export CSV File
Export Settings
Export Tasks
Extra Field
Extra field deleted successfully.
Extra field saved successfully
Extra Fields
Extra Information
Facebook Account Name
Facebook Accounts
Facebook Page
Failed to get the information on 7 group members.
FAQ Embed
FAQ Product
FAQ Products
FAQ Settings
FAQ WordPress Plugin
Field Name
Field Type
Field Visibility
Fieldset Settings
File Bucket Details
File Bucket: %s
File Comments
File Description
File Details
File Emails
File has not been sent for approval.
File is waiting for approval. Please <a href="%s" target="_blank">click here</a> for options.
File Name
File Name / Description:
File saved successfully
File Size
File: %s
Filter By:
Finance Chart
Financial Transactions
Finish Timer
Finished Date
First Name
Fixed on Scroll
For FTP usernames and passwords, or whatever else you need
Forgot password
Forgot Password
Forgot Password?
Form Style
Format for the recipients name. This is more of an advanced thing, the default here should be fine for everyone, but you could get fancy and use {COMPANY_NAME} if you like.
From https://coinbase.com/settings/api
Full Calendar Export
Full URL (eg: http://) to the picture to use for this link preview
Full URL (including http://) to where the user is taken after confirming their double opt-in
Full URL (including http://) to where the user is taken after confirming their unsubscription
Full URL (including http://) to where the user is taken after subscribing
Generate an email containing a summary of the account.
Generate an email containing a welcome message and login details.
Generate Statement Email
Generate Welcome Email
Generating PDF
Giving this user a password and login permissions will let them gain access to this system. Depending on the permissions you give them will decide what parts of the system they can access.
Google Calendar Integration
Google Checkout
Google Checkout/Wallet Settings
Google Checkout/Wallet setup instructions:
Google Maps API Key
Gray Top Line
Greater Than...
Green Top Line
Group Members
Group Name
Group Section
Hello and welcome to the Simple Newsletter system. Please choose a menu button from above.
Help Settings
Here are the URL's for <strong>Completed Finance Transactions</strong> (ie: ones you see in the <a href="%s">transaction listing</a> page).
Here are the URL's for <strong>Recurring Finance Transactions</strong> (ie: anything upcoming in the <a href="%s">recurring transactions listing</a> page).
Here is a link to the newsletter subscription form. When people fill this out they will appear in the "Members" area:
Here is a link to the newsletter un-subscription form. People can click this and enter their email to be manually removed from receiving emails:
Here is the URL for <strong>Weekly Finance Summary</strong> (ie: amount invoiced, earnt and spent at the end of each week).
Here is the URL for <strong>Your Alerts</strong> (ie: the listing from the dashbaord).
Here you can allow a single form entry or multiple entries. A single form entry can be used to record some information against a customer, the single entry will be displayed straight away instead of the list of multiple entries.
Here you can apply a before tax discount to this invoice. You can name this anything, eg: DISCOUNT, CREDIT, REFUND, etc..
Here you can apply a before tax discount to this job. You can name this anything, eg: DISCOUNT, CREDIT, REFUND, etc..
Here you can copy and paste from Word, or simply type out your newsletter. The above template will be applied to this content. Note: if you copy and paste from another document or website, please use the 'Paste from Word' button or even better the 'Paste as Plain Text' button (otherwise your newsletter layout may break when you go to send it).
Here you can enter a number (eg: 12) and the system will only generate up to 12 subscription renewals. Leave empty or 0 to continue generating subscription renewals forever.
Here you can save the current tasks as defaults to be used later, or insert a previously saved set of defaults.
Here you can select which Company this Customer belongs to. This is handy if you are running multiple companies through this system and you would like to separate customers between different companies.
Here you can select which Company this Staff belongs to. This is handy if you are running multiple companies through this system and you would like to separate customers between different companies. Staff can be restricted to assigned companies from the User Role
Hide "extra" form fields by default
Hide Collapse Button
Hide Completed Tasks
Home Page
Hour of day to perform automatic operations
Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate & Amount
Hours Billed
Hours Logged
Hours Logged for 01/06/2020 to 08/06/2020
Hours Logged for 04/08/2020
Hours Logged for 16/07/2020
Hours Logged for 22/06/2020 to 29/06/2020
Hours Logged for 25/05/2020 to 01/06/2020
Hours Logged for 27/07/2020
How many bounces before we unsubscribe this member
How many days after the invoice is created should the due date be set?
How many days after the invoice is overdue is the automated email sent (set to 0 will send on the date the invoice is due)
How many days after the last automatic overdue reminder is the overdue reminder re-sent automatically (set to 0 to disable this option)
How many days prior to the renewal date will an invoice be generated.
How many emails the server will try to sent at the same time. Setting this too high may get you banned by your hosting provider.
How much to modify the subscription start date by (if they choose a Subscription during signup). Examples are: +5 days or +2 weeks
If a customer fills in this form and the email address already exists in the system then it can update the existing entry instead of creating a new customer entry. If updating existing entry then the new customer name will be applied, which could differ from existing company name. Set this option to "Always Create New Customer Entry" if you do not want a customer to be able to update their existing details.
If a user has a password they can login to the system and see all their details.
If an invoice (or past subscription invoice) has not been paid then do not renew the next one until original payment has been received.
If an invoice is created from a Job, set the Invoice name the same as the job name
If customers should have auto incrementing ID numbers
If invoices should be shown in the main customer listing. If you have lots of customers and lots of invoices you can try disable this option to speed things up a bit.
If no redirect URL is set then the standard thank you message will be displayed. This can be changed in Settings > Templates > customer_signup_thank_you_page
If page content should have padding. Default is with padding.
If the backup fails please contact support for assistance.
If the customer is given a credit here you will have an option to apply this credit to an invoice. If a customer over pays an invoice you will be prompted to add that overpayment as credit onto their account.
If the invoice has been cancelled set the date here. Payment reminders for this invoice will no longer be generated.
If the menu collapse button should be shown on the left.
If the task type is "Default" it will use whatever the Quote/Job/Invoice task type is set to
If the template tag XXXX contains a value then 123 will be displayed, otherwise 456 will be displayed.
If the template tag XXXX equals "Some String" then 123 will be displayed, if XXXX equals "Another String" then 456 will be displayed, otherwise 789 will be displayed.
If the user is a staff member they will display in the staff drop down list.
If this field is searchable it will display in the main search bar. Also quick search will return results matching this field. Note: Making every field searchable will slow down the "Quick Search".
If this is enabled the system will pick a new invoice number each time. Choose what number to start from below.
If this is enabled the user can change the payment amount on invoices. For example, they might want to pay $50 of a $100 invoice with PayPal, and $50 with cash.
If this is enabled then it will work out the fee in reverse. Enable this option in order to receive the correct amount from PayPal if you have set 2.9%% and 0.30 above.
If this is ticked then by default newly created invoices will be sent automatic overdue notices. This can be disabled/enabled per invoice. See the "Auto Overdue Email" option near "Due Date".
If this is ticked then the system will remind you to generate an invoice for this timer when it is completed.
If this message is private only staff members will be able to see it. This message will not be sent or visible to the customer.
If this option is enabled you can tell when users see the images in your newsletters
If this option is enabled, all new invoices will have this payment method available. If this option is disabled, it will have to be enabled on individual invoices.
If this option is selected then the CRON job will automatically email the automatically generated invoice to the subscribed Customer/Member
If this option is selected then the CRON job will automatically renew this subscription and generate a new invoice. It will only renew if the previous invoice has been paid (to stop multiple outstanding invoices)
If XXXX is a date field, only output the m/month portion of it. Possible values: ymdYMDjlSWFn
If XXXX is a date field, perform basic date arithmetic such as plus 4 days or plus 2 months.
If you find a word that does not translate correctly please report it to support.
If you give this link to a user (or bookmark it for yourself) then it will log in automatically. To re-set an auto-login link simply change your password to something new.
If you have created or improved on a translation please click Export above and share it with support.
If you have duplicate words in the translation list click this button to remove them. Make a backup first!
If you have placed the signup form on a page of your website, put that website URL here (e.g. http://www.yourwebsite.com/signup.html)
If you have the FAQ module installed this will show a drop down list of products and commoon support questions before the user creates a support ticket.
If you want to display a list from another Customer Data Form here, choose it from the dropdown. If you choose a sub list then NO FIELDS WILL DISPLAY HERE, only the sub list.
If you would like to give a $10 discount for the first subscription invoice then enter -10 into here.
If your customer needs a deafult tax rate that is different from the system default please enter it here.
Import Contracts
Import Converted client
Import CSV
Import Customers
Import Data: %s
Import Export
Import Jobs
Import Leads
Import members
Import Products
Import Quotes
Import Tasks
Import Websites
in %s days
In Main Listing
In Progress
Income for 15/07/2020
Income for 18/05/2020 to 25/05/2020
Income for 21/07/2020
Incomplete Job
Incomplete Jobs
Incomplete quotes
Incrementing Invoice Number
Incrementing Invoice Numbers
Insert Image:
Invalid username or password, please try again.
Inventory Level
Inventory Management
Invoice #
Invoice Created
Invoice Date
Invoice Details
Invoice Due Date Days
Invoice Due Days
Invoice Email Template
Invoice Emails
Invoice Finances:
Invoice Items
Invoice Not Sent
Invoice Notes
Invoice Number
Invoice Number:
Invoice Overdue
Invoice Paid
Invoice Payment
Invoice Payment Due
Invoice Payment History
Invoice Payment Overdue
Invoice PDF Template
Invoice Prefix
Invoice Print Template
Invoice Prior
Invoice Refund
Invoice Renewal Pending
Invoice saved successfully
Invoice Settings
Invoice Total
Invoice will be created %s days prior on %s
Invoice: #%s
Invoiceable Amount
Invoices & Payments
Invoices Paid
Invoices Unpaid
Item is taxable
Job Amount
Job Completed
Job Create/Renew Date:
Job Date
Job Deposit
Job Description
Job Details
Job Discussion
Job Emails
Job Finances:
Job Footer
Job Groups
Job Invoices:
Job Name
Job Notes
Job Prefix
Job Progress
Job Renewal Pending
Job Report
Job saved successfully
Job Sidebar
Job Task
Job Task: %s
Job Tasks %s
Job Timers
Job Title
Job Title:
Job Todo
Job Total
Job Type
Job Type:
Job: %s
Language and Translations
Language Code
Language Name
Large Sizing
Last Checked
Last Date/Time
Last Decryption:
Last Name
Last Sent
Last Transaction
Last Week
Lead Contacts
Lead Groups
Lead Information
Lead Name
Lead: %s
Leave blank to send now. Pick a date in the future to send this message.
Less Than...
License #
License Codes
License Plate
light blue
Line 1
Line 2
Line information
Link above contacts to this one, and make THIS one primary
Link Caption
Link Description
Link Picture
Link Post
Link this finance item with an individual company. It is better to select a Customer below and assign the Customer to a Company.
Link Title
Link To
Linked Customer
Linked FAQ Products
Linked Invoice
Linked Invoices
Linked Job
Linked Staff
Linked Tickets
Linking success
Load Defaults
Loading Alerts...
Loading data...
Loading URL information...
Login History
Login Page
Low Stock Alert
Low Stock Level
Main Menu
Make a Payment
Make Payment
Makes the table data stretch to the edge of the box. Change this and check the Customer list.
Manual Send
Manual send running. Progress will be displayed here, please stay on this page until it is complete. <a href="%s">Click here</a> to stop manual sending.
Manually Renewing invoice for %s
Map Settings
Mark as unread
Mark invoice as sent
Mark selected tickets as read
Mark selected tickets as unread
Match Invoice with Job Name
Matching email address action
Maximum renewals:
Member Count
Member Name
Menu and Header color options.
Menu Background
Menu Collapse
Menu Configuration
Menu Font
Menu Icon
Menu Label
Menu Location
Menu order saved
Menu Position
Menu Style
Merge Customer Invoices
Merge selected invoices into this invoice
Message Content:
Message to display at the top of the embed ticket form.
Messages Sent
more &raquo;
More advanced changes can be made like normal in the /css/styles.css and /css/desktop.css files. (use Chrome or Firebug to locate the styles you wish to change)
more fields &raquo;
Multiple Day Event
Multiple Entries (default)
Multisafepay Settings
Multisafepay setup instructions:
Name this payment method
Name your system
Names, Phone or Email:
Narrow Fixed
Never sent
New Converted client Details
New Customer Details
New event
New Event
New Field
New Group
New Invoice
New Invoice for
New Job
New Lead Details
New Manual Invoice
New Password
New Product
New Quote
New Task
New task created successfully
New Timer
New Value
New Words
Newsletter Content
Newsletter Drafts (have not been sent yet)
Newsletter Overview
Newsletter saved successfully
Newsletter Sent Already
Newsletter Settings
Newsletter System
Newsletter Template Details
Newsletter Templates
Next &raquo;
Next Date
Next Due Date
Next due date is: %s
Next Step
Next Ticket
No backups yet. Please create one.
No implemented yet
No Padding
No Password, Admin creates password for each new account (most secure option)
No Product
No Recent Emails
No results found
Not allowed
Not Approved
Not Completed
Not Paid
Not paid
Not sent
Not Yet
Note Reminder
Notes Example
Nothing (default)
Number of customer contacts
Number of products you currently have in stock. This number will decrease each time a product is added to an invoice.
Number of TODO items to show
Old Password
Once off
Once Off
Only Accepted Contracts
Only Accepted Quotes
Only Completed Jobs
Only Non-Completed Jobs
Only Quoted Jobs
Only renew paid invoices
Only show help menu for Super Administrator.
Only show the bitcoin option if the dollar value is greater than or less than the below value.
Only show the paynl option if the dollar value is greater than or less than the below value.
Only show the paypal option if the dollar value is greater than or less than the below value.
Only show the stripe option if the dollar value is greater than or less than the below value.
Only show when invoice value is ...
Only Un-Accepted Contracts
Only Un-Accepted Quotes
Only use this default customer if the customer cannot be found based on the ticket users email address.
Only works in themes that show menu icons. The font-awesome icon name from https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/
Only works in themes that support nested main menu items
open &raquo;
Open Invoice
Open Job &raquo;
Open Quote &raquo;
Open Tickets
Optional: cost price of this product when purchasing from supplier
Or custom tax:
Orange Top Line
Other Forms
Output the current day, month or year.
Overdue Invoices
Overwrite/Update Duplicates
Page %s of %s
Paid %s
Paid Date
Past Newsletters
Pause Sending
Pause Timer
Payment against invoice #%s on subscription %s
Payment against invoice <a href="%s">#%s</a> via "%s" method
Payment Amount
Payment Date
Payment for Invoice #%
Payment from %s
Payment from %s %s on subscription %s
Payment History:
Payment Method
Payment Method Label
Paymethod Authorize
Paymethod Banktransfer
Paymethod Check
Paymethod Coinbase
Paymethod Google
Paymethod Multisafepay
Paymethod Other
Paymethod Paynl
Paymethod Paypal
Paymethod Stripe
PayNL Settings
PayNL setup instructions:
PayPal Settings
PayPal setup instructions:
PayPal subscription setup instructions:
PDF bottom padding
PDF left padding
PDF media size
PDF right padding
PDF Settings
PDF Template
PDF top padding
Pending %s Invoice
Pending Job Quote
Per Day
Per Hour
Per Minute
Per Page:
Percentage tax to calculate by default? (eg: 10)
Perform Bulk Actions
Perform Bulk Actions on Tickets (BETA!)
Phone Number
Picture Post
Pin added successfully
Pin Current Page +
Pin deleted successfully
Place this in an iframe on your website, or as a link on your website, and people can submit support tickets.
Place this in an iframe on your website, or as a link on your website, and people can view FAQ tickets.
Please <a href="%s">click here</a> to check bounce emails manually.
Please check for Software Updates
Please check the hosting account has enough storage space for a full backup.
Please check your email for password reset instructions.
Please click the button below to start the backup process.
Please confirm your new password here a second time.
Please enter a name for this saved task listing
Please enter starting balance
Please enter your email address below to reset your password.
Please enter your old password in order to set a new password.
Please Generate Invoice
Please go to Settings > Upgrade and check for latest Software Updates.
Please google for "How to make a favicon". It should be a small PNG or ICO image.
Please insert your license code(s) below to receive upgrades and new features.
Please Login
Please make sure your data is in the below format. The <strong>first line</strong> of your CSV file should be the column headers as below. You can <a href="%s">click here</a> to download a sample CSV template ready for import. Please use UTF8 file format. %s
Please press save first
Please save newsletter in order to insert images and attachments.
Please see the other forms/messages under Settings > Templates. Look for the "newsletter" ones.
Please select at least 1 person to send this newsletter to
Please select the groups you would like to send this email to:
Please select the people you would like to send this newsletter to.
Please select which tasks to generate an invoice for:
Please setup a NEW email address for bounces. Do not use an existing email address.
Please try to save your import CSV file in UTF8 format for best results (search google for a howto). Once your import CSV file is ready to upload please use the form below. (Please ensure this is a CSV file, not an excel file.)<br> We recommend <a href="http://www.libreoffice.org/download/" target="_blank">LibreOffice</a> for best CSV file generation.
Please wait...
POP3 incoming server address to access the bounce email account (eg: mail.yourwebsite.com)
POP3 incoming server port (eg: 110 or 995)
POP3 password to access the bounce email account
POP3 username to access the bounce email account
Portal Active
Portal Password
Post Code
Prev Ticket
Preview Email
Preview Image
Preview Newsletter
Previous Weeks
Primary Contact
Primary Contact Details
Print Multiple PDFs
Print PDF
Private Messages Sent
Processing, please wait
Product Categories
Product Information
Product Inventory Low
Product Name
Product saved successfully
Product Settings
Product Suppliers
Product Usage
Public link
Public New Ticket Redirect URL
Public Reply Ticket Redirect URL
Put the drop down options here, one per line (only valid when Field Type is "Dropdown / Select").
Quantity & Amount
Quantity Unit
Questions & Answers
Quick Add
Quick Pin
Quick Preview
Quick Search:
Quote approval emailed to staff member
Quote Date
quote deleted successfully
Quote Description
Quote Details
Quote Emails
Quote Footer
Quote Groups
Quote Has Been Approved
Quote Jobs
Quote Notes
Quote Prefix
Quote Requires Approval
Quote saved successfully
Quote Sidebar
Quote Tasks %s
Quote Timers
Quote Title
Quote Title:
Quote: %s
Quoted Date
Raw Value:
Really delete customer: %s
Really delete files: %s
Really delete invoice: %s
Really delete invoices: %s
Really delete job: %s
Really Delete Note?
Really delete task hours?
Really delete this entire custom data group? All it's records and revisions as well?
Really delete this extra field and ALL extra data linked to this field?
Really delete this record?
Really remove any duplicate words from the database?
Really remove this comment?
Really reset the language database?
Really save these tasks as a default task listing?
Recently Sent Emails
Recipient Status (refresh to see updated status)
Record %s
Recurring or Once Off
Recurring Period
Recurring Transaction
Red Top Line
Redirect URL
Refund against invoice <a href="%s">#%s</a> via "%s" method
Refund: %s
Related to
Remove duplicate words
Remove old Unpaid Priority Support Invoices
Remove These Incorrect Words
Remove Unpaid Support Invoices
Rename This Invoice to %s
Renewal Date
Repeat event
Repeat Every
Request Change Link
Request Link
Reset Password
Reset the language database/translations
Resolved Tickets
Resume Timer
Return to Editor
Revision #
right click - copy link
Role / Permissions
Role Details
Role saved successfully.
Run Manual Upgrades
Save Address
Save and Return
Save Bucket
Save Contact
Save details
Save Event
Save File
Save Information
Save Job
Save note
Save Role
Save Settings
Save settings
Save Timer
Save User
Save Website
Saved Response
Schedule send
Search Results
Seconds to wait between sending batches of newsletters
Security Roles
Select Files
Select Files or Drag & Drop
Select Recipients
Select Ticket Group
Send a copy of this message to other staff members:
Send a test email
Send an email containing a summary of all the information in the system regarding this Customer
Send email
Send Invoice
Send New Email
Send Newsletter
Send Newsletter: %s
Send notifications of new tickets to this address.
Send Options
Send Statistics
Send this link to the Customer
Send Ticket Reply Message
Sender Email
Sender Name
Sending complete. Please <a href="%s">click here</a> to refresh the page.
Sending Newsletter: %s
Sent By
Sent Date
Sent Date:
Sent From
Sent To
Set Password
Set Starting Balance (currently %s)
Set this to blank, or /ssl, or /tls or other options from php.net/imap_connect
Set to 0 to disable. An email will be sent to the administrator along with a dashboard notice when there is a low stock level.
Sets a dashboard reminder for the above date. This will appear on the selected users dashboard.<br><br>Untick to remove reminder.<br><br>Staff are users who have Job Task EDIT permissions.
Show auto reply &raquo;
Show Collapse Button
Show Completed Tasks
Show count next to some menu icons
Show Dates on Invoice Items
Show debug output while posting the message
Show entire message &raquo;
Show FAQ product selection
Show in main listing
Show income summary on the dashboard.
Show Invoices in Customer List
Show product selection on ticket submit form.
Show recaptcha on ticket form
Show Signup Link on Login Page
Show Staff in Customer List
Show Task Numbers on Invoice Items
Show the avatar in the top corner of the design. Configure your avatar from the http://www.gravatar.com website.
Show ticket position (eg: 1st of 10)
Show unread ticket count in the menu item.
Showing records %s to %s of %s
Sign In
Sign out
Signup Page URL
Signup Settings
Single Entry Only
Single or Multiple
Sizing of all page elements. Large or small.
Skip Duplicates
Skip missing words, only add those already in Database
Small Sizing
Social Account
Social Accounts
Social Facebook
Social Inbox
Solid White
Sorry no changes to demo users. Please create a new user.
Sorry the captcha code you entered was incorrect. Please try again.
Sorry, could not load your data, please try again later
Sorry, no groups exist. Please create a group first.
Special Template Tags:
Split Pricing
SSL or TLS setting
Staff Member
Staff Member Improved
Staff Report
Staff Settings
Staff: %s
Start Date
Start New Timer
Start sending
Start Time
Start Timer
Starting manual send
Stopped manual send
Stripe Settings
Stripe setup instructions:
Stripe subscriptions:
Sub List (advanced)
Sub Total
Sub Total:
Submit Message
Submit Message & Go To Next Ticket
Submit Message & Go To Prev Ticket
Subscribe Redirect
Subscribe Redirect (double opt-in)
Subscription Due
Subscription Form
Subscription Information
Subscription Name
Subscription Options
Subscription Payment
Subscription Report
Subscription Start Date Modification
Subscription: %s
Subscriptions &amp; Payments
Success! Decrypting... please wait...
Supplier Name
Swap to URL
Switch to desktop mode
Switch to Mobile Site
Switch to Visual Editor
System Companies
System Settings
System Templates
Table Borders
Table Full Width
Table Striped
tarih 2
Task %%
Task completed
Task CSV Data
Task Date
Task Defaults
Task Description
Task Hours
Task is billable
Task is taxable
Task Numbers
Task Progress
Task saved successfully
Task Timer
Task Type
Task Type:
Tasks Completed
Tasks Have Been Rejected
Tasks Rejected
Tasks Require Approval
Tasks to Approve
Tax %s%%
Tax Added
Tax Included
Tax Report
Tax Type
Taxable Amount:
Taxable Total
Telling server to send in batches of %s, please wait...
Template Default Content:
Template Description
Template Edit
Template Folder
Template HTML Code:
Template Key
Template Name
Template saved successfully!
test data
Test Table
Testing Company
Text Area
Text to appear in header
Text to display at the top of the embed ticket form.
The admins email address
The color of the notification bubbles/badges in the menu items.
The default hourly rate this staff member will receive when working on jobs (can be changed per job).
The default is hourly rate + amount. This will show the "Hours" column along with an "Amount" column. Inputing a number of hours will auto complete the price based on the job hourly rate. <br>Quantity and Amount will allow you to input a Quantity (eg: 2) and an Amount (eg: $100) and the final price will be $200 (Quantity x Amount). The last option "Amount Only" will just have the amount column for manual input of price. Change the advanced setting "default_task_type" between 0, 1 and 2 to change the default here.
The default value for this element
The last backup was made: %s
The number of days used to calculate the "Due Date" on new invoices. Due Date can be overridden per invoice.
The outer HTML code for this template. That is, all the parts of the template that will not change each time you send a newsletter (header, menu, footer). You can include the dynamic fields which will be replaced each time the newsletter is sent.<br>When you insert images or links please use full addresses (including http:// at the start).
The subject to have in ticket notification emails.
Theme Settings
Theme Styles
There are <a href="%s">%s customer contacts</a> and <a href="%s">%s system users</a> with this role.
There are no invoices for this job yet.
These are all the available templates in the system. Create your own ( Settings > Templates ) and select it here. A Print PDF button will be available for each data record.
These are all the available templates in the system. Create your own ( Settings > Templates ) and select it here. An email button will be available for each data record.
These are the input fields that will make up this data group. Switch to visual editor for easy drag and drop of elements and their sizes.
This area is used to store settings for this particular field element. Here are some examples of the data that can be put in here:<br><Br>For select/radio elements: <br><strong>attributes=One|Two|Three|Other</strong><br>will be used in the drop down or radio listing. 'Other' will prompt for a text input.<br><br>For other input elements:<br><strong>width=110<br>height=23</strong><br>will be used to control the width/height of the actual input box (use visual editor to set this easier).<br><br>For all elements:<br><strong>style="clear:left;"</strong><br>add any style to the surrounding element box, eg: clear:left will place this item on a new line.
This can be different to the Sub Total above. eg: if part of this item included tax but part did not. Taxable total should always be less than or equal to the sub total.
This customer has overpaid this invoice. Click here to assign this as credit to their account for a future invoice.
This email address exists as a contact in another user account. By linking these accounts together, this user will be able to access all the linked customers from this single login.
This hourly rate will be applied to all manual tasks (tasks that did not come from jobs) in this invoice
This invoice has not been paid by the due date and %s is now overdue.
This invoice has not been sent yet. When this invoice has been sent to the customer please click this button or enter a "sent date" into the form above.
This invoice is overdue, but it has not been sent yet. Please pick a "Sent Date" or click below to send invoice.
This invoice was last sent %s days ago on %s.
This Invoice will be automatically renewed on this date. A new Invoice will be created as a copy from this Invoice. This invoice will only be renewed once it is paid.
This invoice will renew as part of job %s on %s
This is anyone with ticket EDIT permissions.
This is how much the customer has paid against the invoice. When they have paid the due amount the invoice will be marked as paid.
This is just a basic CSS editor. Paste in CSS compatible rules over the top of defaults. Click the default value to return to that value.
This is required to get markers displaying on the map. If markers are not displaying please sign up for your own Google Maps/Geocoding API key and put it here.
This is the date the Contract is scheduled to start work. This can be a date in the future.
This is the date the Contract was accepted by the client. This date is automatically set if the client clicks "Approve"
This is the date the Job is scheduled to start work. This can be a date in the future.
This is the date the Job is scheduled to start work. This can be a date in the future. If you have the Calendar, this is the date that will be used for the Calendar event.
This is the date the Job was quoted to the Customer. Once this Job Quote is approved, the Start Date will be set below.
This is the date the Quote is scheduled to start work. This can be a date in the future.
This is the date the Quote was accepted by the client. This date is automatically set if the client clicks "Approve"
This is the default value that gets used when adding this item to jobs,quotes,invoices
This is the email address any bounces are set to. We HIGHLY recommend you setup a new empty email address (eg: bounce@yourwebsite.com) for this. In the newsletter settings you can specify the bounce address settings so the system can automatically track bounces.
This is the email address the newsletter will be sent "from". We HIGHLY recommend this email address is setup or linked to your hosting account to help with spam issues (or google about SPF records - can be complex but worth it)
This is the name this newsletter will be sent "from". Giving this a name your customers will recognise is probably best.
This is the special link you can email to your customer. Using this link the customer can request a change on their website.
This is the time the job is scheduled to finish. If you have the Calendar, this is the time that will be used for the Calendar event.
This is the time the Job is scheduled to finish. If you have the Calendar, this is the time that will be used for the Calendar event.
This is the time the job is scheduled to start. If you have the Calendar, this is the time that will be used for the Calendar event.
This is the time the Job is scheduled to start. If you have the Calendar, this is the time that will be used for the Calendar event.
This is where your custom data type will display within the system. Main will put it in the main menu. Customer will put it underneath a customer menu. None will hide this from the menu system all together
This job has %d files
This job will be automatically renewed on this date.
This Job will be automatically renewed on this date. A new Job will be created as a copy from this Job.
This quote has %d files
This Quote has been converted into a Job: %s.
This starts timing when you open the page. It is a good way to record you work.
This Subscription will renew on %s
This ticket is currently assigned to %s, you can change it below:
This Unit name will appear on Quotes/Jobs/Invoices. e.g. Kg, Grams, Boxes.
This users details will be used as a primary point of contact for this customer. These details will display in the main customer listing for this customer. Also if you send an invoice or a newsletter to this "customer" then this email address will be used.
This Week
This will clear ALL translations from the system. Make a backup first!
This will display on invoices as the name of this payment method.
This will display the translation for "Some Word".
This will format XXXX as a currency value, replace XXXX with a template tag below.
This will override any options selected below and replace them with defaults. You can change the selected permissions once the defaults are loaded
This will perform basic arithmetic (plus, minus or multiplication) on the XXXX template tag.
This will show 50% of the XXXX template tag as a currency value.
This will show a history of emails sent from the system.
This will show a history timers recorded against this item.
This will show on the Invoice when paying via authorize
This will show on the Invoice when paying via coinbase
This will show on the Invoice when paying via Paynl
This will show on the Invoice when paying via PayPal
This will show on the Invoice when paying via stripe
This will slow down your page load times. Next to some icons (e.g. Files and Contacts) it will show you how many entries are under that particular menu.
Ticket Billing
Ticket Details
Ticket Embed Form
Ticket Extra Field
Ticket Extra Fields
Ticket field saved successfully
Ticket Groups
Ticket Messages
Ticket Not Completed
Ticket Notes
Ticket Number
Ticket POP3/IMAP Accounts
Ticket saved successfully
Ticket Settings
Ticket Staff Report
Ticket Timers
Ticket Types
Ticket Types/Departments
Tickets (%s)
Timer Billing
Timer Counter
Timer Details
Timer Groups
Timer Notes
Timer saved successfully
Timer Segments
Title to use instead of the automatically generated one from the Link page
Title Width
TLS (use for Google SMTP)
To complete a previously started/failed upgrade please click the "Run Manual Upgrades" button.
To mark an invoice as paid please record a full payment against this invoice. Once that is done you can adjust the date here.
To Name
Total Amount
Total Received
Total Tickets
Total Unpaid
Transaction Date:
Transaction Name
Transaction saved successfully: %s
Translation Errors for: %s
Translation for: %s
Translation reset successfully
Translation saved successfully
Trial Period
Trial Period (only for PayPal)
Type Data
Type in your new desired password here.
Type the icon name from http://fontawesome.io/icons/ (eg: bell). Compatible with the Metis theme.
Un-Subscribe Redirect URL
Un-Subscription Form
Unable to save task. Please check required fields.
Unapproved Contract
Unapproved Quote
Unknown Subscription
Upcoming Payments
Upcoming Transaction Due
Upcoming Transactions
Update menu settings
Upgrade System
Upload File
Upload New File
Upload newsletter images below by clicking the add button. Click image to insert into newsletter. Resize image before upload for best results.
URL for favicon
URL for header logo
URL for your system (eg: http://foo.com)
Use CAPTCHA on signup form
Use Google Sandbox Mode (for testing payments)
Use Multisafepay Testing Mode (for testing payments)
Use PayPal Sandbox Mode (for testing payments)
Use system default (%s @ %s%%)
Use this to link a ticket to a product. Set products in Settings > FAQ. This allows you to have different FAQ items for different products. Users are shown the FAQ items before submitting a support ticket.
Used for invoice PDF. You can overwrite in the Advanced settings of each invoice.
User Administration
User Details
User Groups
User Notes
User Passwords
User Permission
User Role
User Roles
User saved successfully
User Security
User Session History
Users Name
Users Name:
Vehicle Info
Vehicle Model
Verify Password
Verticle lines on table data. Change this and check the Customer list.
View %s
View All
view all
View all %d files in this contract
View all %d files in this job
View all %d files in this quote
View All Contacts
View All Jobs
View details
View Details
View Discussion
View History
View Invoices
View is not ready
View Jobs
View Receipt
View Receipt for payment of %s
View Statistics
View Tickets
Viewed By
Wall Post
Warning: a contact from the Customer %s exists with this same email address: %s <br/>This may create problems when trying to login. <br/>We suggest you remove/change THIS user account and use the existing CONTACT account instead.
Warranty #
We found %s other invoice with the same invoice number.
We found %s other invoices from this customer that can be merged.
Website Code
Website Count
Website Design
Website Details
Website Groups
Website Invoices
Website Jobs
Website Notes
Website Quotes
Website Timers
Website: Bolu Web Sayfa
Website: Demo Website
Website: Digital
Website: Google
Website: New
Website: test islem
Weekly Finance Chart
Welcome %s
Welcome to %s - Please Login Below
What are customer staff members called? e.g. "Staff" or "Team Leader" or "Admin"
What default ticket type for tickets
What email address will signup notifications be sent to
What email address your bounced newsletters will go to (eg: bounce@yourwebsite.com)
What email address your newsletters will come from
What Fields Were Changed
What Is Visible
What is your TAX called? (eg: GST)
What sender name your newsletters will come from
What value to restrict bitcoin payments to
What value to restrict paynl payments to
What value to restrict paypal payments to
What value to restrict stripe payments to
What will be the next invoice number
When a user clicks a link in your newsletter it will record who, when and which link they clicked
When a user submits a new public ticket, take them to this URL. Leave blank to use default. Use full URL with http://
When a user submits a reply to the public ticket form, take them to this URL. Leave blank to use default. Use full URL with http://
When creating a new contact, assign this role<br>(don't give them too many permissions!)
When creating a new user, assign this role
When this Invoice becomes overdue an email will be automatically sent to the customer. Settings > Invoice for more options.
When this Invoice is renewed it will be automatically emailed to the customer.
When this Job is renewed the tasks will be automatically completed and an invoice will be automatically created and emailed to the customer.
When this template is selected, the below default content will appear in the newsletter for editing.
Where this should appear in the main menu
Which Currencies To Support
Which customer to assign tickets to from the public Ticket Embed Form
Which default POP3/IMAP account to use
Which PDF library to use
Wide Fluid
Will this user have a different hourly rate than what is entered on a Job? e.g. If this user is a contractor and will be paid a different amount to what the customer is charged for the project.
With Padding
Would you like to create a Backup before Upgrading?
Yes, send below message to each ticket in group:
You can email the customer a copy of this job. This can be a progress report or as an initial quote.
You can generate invoices from multiple jobs (eg: a Hosting Setup job and a Web Development job) then you can combine them together here and send them as a single invoice to the customer, rather than sending multiple invoices.
You can limit your customer to a certain number of change requests (eg: if you are charging them a monthly maintenance fee)
You can put the port number in like this: mail.yourwebsite.com
You can send this link to the customer and they can view a copy of all their quotes, jobs, invoices, payments and more.
You can send this link to your customer and they can preview the document without logging in.
You can send this page to your customer as a quote or progress update (this message will be hidden).
You can setup a list of permissions to re-use over and over again under Settings > Roles. This will control what parts of the application this user can access (if any).
You can use text or html code
You have %s tasks
You have been logged out.
You have successfully logged in.
You may also need to change the individual user language settings. These are available on the user/contact pages, the same place where you set the user passwords.
You will be reminded to renew this invoice on this date. You will be given the option to renew this invoice closer to the renewal date (a new button will appear).
You will be reminded to renew this job on this date. You will be given the option to renew this job closer to the renewal date (a new button will appear).
You will have more custom fields here<br/> once you pick your recipients.
You will have more fields available<br/> once recipients are chosen.
Your Authorize API Login ID
Your Authorize Transaction Key
Your Coinbase API Key
Your coinbase Secret Key