Facebook and Twitter – Introducing the Simple Social Inbox

Introducing the Simple Social Inbox for Ultimate Client Manager! Manage the messages from multiple Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts in one easy to use inbox. (as requested in this Forum Thread) Requirements: A Twitter account A Twitter app (create from here – instructions in UCM Settings area) A Normal Facebook Account A Facebook Business Page (create […]

Jobs: Support for multiple taxes

Quick blog post! Jobs now have support for multiple taxes. If you want to setup multiple taxes by default go to Settings > Advanced and enter comma separated values: ‘tax_name’ enter:  VAT,GST ‘tax_percent’ enter:  22,10 Now when you create a job/quote/invoice it will have the default tax rates of 22% (VAT) and 10% (GST).

New Template Tags available (Dates and Invoices)

Here’s a new nifty template feature available for dates: {DATE_CREATE-Y} will print only the “Year” from the {DATE_CREATE} field. The full list of options are: ymdYMDjlSWFn and more details about each can be found here http://php.net/date For example to print out “March the 8th, 2014″ in your invoice_print template you could use this code: {DATE_CREATE-F} the {DATE_CREATE-j}{DATE_CREATE-S}, […]

New Big Feature: Custom Data Forms

Try the demo: Input some custom data here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo/data.admin_data/?data_type_id=3 (click the Add New button up top right) Create your own custom data forms here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/demo/config.config_admin/data.data_type_admin/   This new feature is pretty awesome. It allows you to build any type of data form and display it within UCM (without programming knowledge!). Below are some screenshots to give you an […]

New File Permissions

New file permissions are now available under User Roles as per this screenshot: This will allow greater control over who can see what files are in the system. The default action prior to this update was “Only files from customers I have access to”

New Responsive Bootstrap Theme Now Available!

We have been busy over the past week working on a new Responsive Bootstrap theme for the Ultimate Client Manager. This is now available as a FREE UPGRADE for any existing UCM Pro customers. Here’s some screenshots to get you excited: Simply go to Settings > Upgrade and perform an update as normal (remember to […]

Conditional tags now available in Templates

Templates now contain basic conditional tag support, here is an example: {if:CUSTOMER_NAME} Hello {CUSTOMER_NAME}, <br> {else} Dear Customer, <br> {endif:CUSTOMER_NAME} Or for the address: {ADDRESS_LINE_1} <br/> {if:ADDRESS_LINE_2}{ADDRESS_LINE_2} <br/>{endif:ADDRESS_LINE_2} {ADDRESS_SUBURB} <br/> Nested tags are not supported. Ensure the tag within {if:} and {endif:} match exactly for it to work.

Tax Report

A basic tax report is now available in UCM. This will show tax totals (grouped by currency and tax rate) for a specified date range. Here is an example:

Tax now available within Finance area

The latest update will allow for taxes to be added to individual finance items. This is a step towards creating some better tax financial reports. Supports multiple taxes for those countries that require it. Here’s a screenshot: You can enter a Sub Total and the Tax, and it will calculate the Total. Or you can […]

Invoice Expenses

It is now possible to link expenses to an invoice, as shown in this screenshot: In this screenshot we can see that we received $27.50 for our invoice and we spent $22.95 on servicing this invoice (so the profit would be $4.55)

We’re on Facebook

We’ve had a few requests for UCM updates to be posted to Facebook (so that people can see when UCM gets updated). Here is our new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ultimateclientmanager

More speed improvements!

Hey everyone! Make sure you all upgrade to at least version 2.226 of the ‘cache’ plugin from Settings > Upgrade There are some big speed improvements out and hopefully you notice them too. For example: on a very large testing database I was having a 10 second loading time for the dashboard, this has now dropped […]

UCM now has memcache support built in

If you are running UCM on a server that has the “memcache” tool installed, please activate the “memcache_enable” option in Settings > Advanced. Using memcache will result in page load times improving greatly. Users without access to memcache will still receive some speed improvements due to recent updates.

Websites now support Automatic Subscriptions

This is great news for all those providing recurring services for customers with websites (eg: Hosting, Domain Renewal, Ongoing Support). Each individual Customer Website can now have its own “Subscription”, as shown in the lovely red box in this screenshot:   And a list of all subscribed websites will also show in Settings > Subscription, […]

Automatic Subscription Renewals and PDF Invoice Emails

Another new update for UCM is out. To receive these new features please upgrade from the Settings > Upgrade menu. This new feature allows Customer/Member Subscriptions to be automatically renewed (rather than the old method of manually clicking “Renew” on each subscription). For more details please consult the UCM Subscription Documentation page.    

New Feature: Automatic Invoicing, Overdue Notices and Job Renewal!

Great news! Ultimate Client Manager has received an update to include new “Automatic” features. Automatic Invoice Renewal For more details, check the documentation here http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/documentation-wiki/invoices/   Automatic Invoice Overdue Notice Emails For more details, check the documentation here http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/documentation-wiki/invoices/ Automatic Job and Job Task Renewal For more details, check the documentation here http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/documentation-wiki/jobs/ If you […]