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New Timer Feature Released

We’re excited to release the new timer feature. Check it out in the live demo. Start a timer from any page of the system. Automatic timer starts when you open a job or ticket. Convert a timer into an invoice. More details over here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/feature/task-timer/

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dtbakerNew Timer Feature Released

Big update available!

There is a big update available, with changes to almost every file in the system. Please update the “db” module first then after that is completed please go back and check for the second round of updates. If you have any troubles with updates please send through FTP details in a support ticket here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/support-ticket/ As always please

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dtbakerBig update available!

Basic Inventory Management

Hey all, Good news, we’ve just launched basic inventory management in the last update. Head on over to Settings > Products and give it a whirl. Once a product appears in an Invoice it will be removed from the available quantity. (if that Invoice is deleted the available stock Quantity will come back) This has been

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dtbakerBasic Inventory Management

New Feature: Customer Welcome Email

There’s a new button near the bottom of the Edit Customer page called “Generate Welcome Email” This will preview an email for the current customer and include a link they can click to login and set their password. This welcome email template can be modified in Settings > Templates.

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dtbakerNew Feature: Customer Welcome Email

New Theme: Blocks

There’s a new theme available for UCM. This brings a new look & feel to the system along with a few extra features. All the details are over on ThemeForest here: http://themeforest.net/item/ucm-theme-blocks-crm/14745039

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dtbakerNew Theme: Blocks

Ticket Group Defaults and New Access Permissions

Good news! Tickets has received a little update in the “Groups” department. The first change is under Settings > Tickets > Ticket Types: Here you can now pick the default groups that will be applied to any new support tickets (imported via POP3/IMAP or via the online embed web form). The second change is a little more advanced

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dtbakerTicket Group Defaults and New Access Permissions