Big news, the calendar is now (finally) available in UCM!

This calendar is very similar to the popular Google Calendar so you should feel comfortable using it.

Here’s a screenshot of the main Calendar page:


Here’s a screenshot when viewing the individual Customer Calendar page. Notice that Customer events stand out, but all other events are still visible so you can plan things easier:


Try it out in the demo here:

This is a very new (and somewhat complex!) feature so please let me know if you find any bugs. We have plans for more features such as dashboard/email reminders, ical sharing for calendar sync and recurring events. Feel free to suggest more features (and vote on others) in the feature request area.

Note: this is a big update (about 40 files) so if the upgrade doesn’t work the first time just go back to Settings > Update and do it again. Also, jump into Settings > Menu and change the calendar position to 4.1 this will move the Calendar menu button up under Dashboard which may be a bit nicer.