• Customers
  • Invoicing
  • Jobs & Tasks
  • Quote Approvals
  • Deposits & Discounts
  • PayPal, Stripe & Authorize
  • Recurring Payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Encrypted Data
  • Finance & Expense Tracking
  • Email Ticket System
  • and (really!) more..


New Theme. A Brand New Look!

Ultimate Client Manager has just received a new theme. The AdminLTE theme gives your CRM a new look & feel. Very mobile friendly and some great dashboard widgets.

This theme still gives you access to all the existing CRM features, it just makes them look better. You can customise the colors, add your own logo or even add your own custom CSS code. For the more advanced users, we even some PHP templates available for creating custom Dashboard Widgets.

Try the new UCM Theme

Manage your Customers. Store Contact Details, Notes and more.

Customer and Lead management is incredibly simple in UCM. The Customer is the main entity in UCM, start here. You can link Websites, Invoices, Jobs, Notes, Support Tickets and more to a Customer. Group your Customers or give them special Statuses. Create as many additional fields as you like.

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Manage your Websites. Passwords, Invoice Subscriptions, Change Requests and more.

Look after your clients websites with UCM. Setup subscriptions for website hosting for automatic invoicing. Keep a record of account passwords in a very secure RSA/AES crypto vault. Even let your customers click on what they want changed on their website.

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Track Quotes and Jobs. Online Quote Approval, Job Task Discussions, Timer and more.

Create and send a PDF Quote to your Lead from UCM. Let them approve the Quote online and then convert the Quote into a Job. Start a timer for each Job Task and tick each off when completed. Update the Job process and track questions/discussions on individual Tasks. Record internal expenses against the Job and convert the Job into an Invoice.

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